How to get a jump on your holiday Tesla shopping [Video]

Waiting until the last minute for your holiday shopping can be frantic and unsettling. It's like a last-minute fire drill. Sure, if you're a Tesla owner, you're probably ahead of the curve. A friendly reminder though — it might be worthwhile to start your holiday Tesla shopping today. It is, after all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. To that end, here's some advice on what's popular for Tesla owners during the holidays.  

Above: As deliveries ramp up in the fourth quarter, Elon Musk and the Tesla team get ready for the holiday rush (Source: taure / Screen Rant)

It turns out that Trevor Page, from Tesla Owners Online, took a look at a few Tesla-related goodies for Black Friday. Who is Trevor? He's constantly busy running an active forum community, YouTube channel, Tesla podcast, and Twitter account. 

Trevor's favorite Tesla Model Y accessories available during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday time period are: the Model Y frunk cooler, all-weather floor mats, and the cheeky Elon and Starman sunshade — ummm, it's already out of stock! 

Above: Trevor Page's top Black Friday items for Tesla Model Y owners (Youtube: Tesla Owners Online)

Also, be sure to protect your Tesla this holiday season. Check out screen protectors to keep your Tesla touchscreen free from fingerprints, smudges, scratches and UV rays. Avoid scrapes, scuffs, and a bad case of "curb rash" with wheel bands. And, when parked outside, be sure your Tesla is well-protected against the elements with a Tesla car cover.

Above: Protect your Tesla with a car cover (Source: EVANNEX)

So now that you've (hopefully) digested your Thanksgiving feast, don't forget that the holidays are fast-approaching. Be sure to check out the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Tesla accessories before the most popular products go, grrrr, out of stock.