Canadian couple spends $8.50 to travel cross country in their Tesla Model X [Video]

A Canadian couple from British Columbia, Rolf Oetter and Silke Sommerfeld, who live on Vancouver Island, have traveled cross country in their Tesla Model X (while towing a camper) to promote the use of alternative energy and electric vehicles. They recently arrived in St. Johns where the couple said they spent $8.50 for energy to cover the entire distance from B.C. to N.L. Last year, we were lucky enough to meet Rolf and Silke at our offices while they traveled across continents (from Victoria British Columbia all the way to Ft. Lauderdale Florida) in their Tesla Model S. It looks like Rolf and Silke have been pretty busy in their second Tesla, a new Model X, since we last touched base with them.

Above: Silke and Rolf staying at the Onanole RV Park and Campground which has 42 solar panels on the main building and another 24 on a second building (Instagram: @teslaxcanada)

CBC News* reports that, "Tesla has built a network of super-charger stations across the U.S. that can charge an electric car in 20 minutes. There are some chargers in parts of Canada but none in Atlantic Canada. Oetter and Sommerfeld had to rely on slow-charging their vehicle from regular outlets at campgrounds overnight. They said there were occasions when they just made it to a destinations with very little power left to spare."


Source: CBC News*

"We're not here to [just] promote Tesla. We want to promote any electric car... it doesn't matter," said Sommerfeld. "We know now that the charging network is the one weak link in the chain right now for long range travel [in Atlantic Canada]," said Oetter. After their stop in St. John's, the couple plans to travel around Atlantic Canada for a few weeks before heading south for the winter. To take a look at some highlights from their cross-country trip, check out the photo gallery below.

Above: Over three months, driving 15,000 all-electric kilometers, Silke and Rolf traveled across Canada in their Tesla Model X with a solar camping trailer (Instagram: @teslaxcanada)

We hope Silke and Rolf make another trip down our way (here in South Florida) so we can see them again later this year. In any event, we wanted to give them kudos on another fantastic milestone. To learn more about their amazing adventures, you can check them out on their website, Tesla X Canada.


*Source: CBC News