Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 products for Tesla owners

Posted on December 09, 2020 by Matt Pressman

It's a thrilling feeling when you take delivery of your first Tesla. There's that new car smell. The serene silence of no internal combustion engine. The ultra-smooth acceleration. The addictive torque. However, looking at your perfect, all-new, all-electric machine leaves you feeling like something is missing. 

Above: Tesla Model 3 owner enjoying the holidays (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy) 

Why? No matter how careful you are, a new Tesla might become less-than-perfect with all the typical wear-and-tear inflicted after owning any car for some time. So what can you do to protect your Tesla? 

When it comes to the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Tesla owners, let's check out some "Top 5" lists to make you feel whole again. Vehicle protection is one thing but are there also some cool Tesla-related gadgets? And, what about spoiling yourself with some holiday Tesla gifts? 

Top 5 'Vehicle Protection' products for Teslas

So what are the top 5 products to protect your Tesla? Scraping or scuffing your Tesla wheels may lower resale value, look messy, or worse — so be sure to avoid "curb rash" with rim protection. Protect your vegan leather with seat covers. In the sun, keep your car cool with sunshades. In the snow, all-weather floor mats defend against the snow, sand, and mud that mess up your Tesla's floor. Regardless of weather, a Tesla car cover can protect against the elements. 

Above: Kim from LikeTesla saved her Tesla rims using Wheel Bands to defend against curb rash incidents (YouTube: LikeTesla)

Top 5 'Gadgets' for Tesla Owners

Next up, what are the top 5 gadgets for Tesla owners? Lexie Janson is a tech reviewer, drone racer, and python developer and goes by the pseudonym 'MaiOnHigh' on her popular YouTube channel. As a Model 3 owner, she provides her own curated list (see video below) — her picks: Chrome Trunk Molding, Trunk LiftFrunk Lift, LED Lighting Upgrade, and Dual Qi Charger.

Above: Lexie's nod to a few cool 'gadgets' for your Tesla (Youtube: MaiOnHigh)

Top 5 'X-mas gifts' to spoil Tesla Owners

Finally, with Christmas coming, what are the top 5 holiday gifts? Alex Guberman's got a handy holiday gift guide. He runs the Tesla Model S Owners Club and Tesla Model 3 Owners Club Facebook groups and the popular E for Electric YouTube channel. Alex's top five are: the Model 3 car cover, trunk organizer, performance pedal covers, all-weather floor mats, and interior vinyl kit

Above: Alex Guberman'a top five Tesla Model 3 gifts (Youtube: E for Electric)

Still undecided? There were some other great videos (post-Thanksgiving) from Eli Burton and Anuarbek Imanbaev from the Tesla Geeks Show and Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online too. These products are highly sought after during the holidays — our suggestion: head on over to the Holiday Gift Guide for some holiday Tesla deals.

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