Daily Mail: Tesla Model X is eco-friendly, roomy, and faster than a supercar

The Tesla Model X has been receiving praise from some tough reviewers. Top Gear, which has a history of anti-Tesla coverage, recently raved about a recent test drive in New York. Now, another media outlet in the UK has taken on the Model X. The Daily Mail* gives the Model X a perfect five stars and reports, "To get behind the wheel of a Model X is to be blasted into the future, Tesla having not so much ripped up the rule book of car-manufacturing as taken a blowtorch to it."

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How is the Model X different than the Model S? "The Model X is the SUV cousin of the already exalted Model S saloon, the silent rocket ship that is as quick off the line as some hypercars and better for the planet than most pedal cars." Regarding its range, its reported that: "The success and appeal of an electric vehicle hinges primarily on its battery life and potential range – an area that Tesla continues to lead the ‘charge’ in (apologies – I had to). And I am more than happy to report that for the three hours I had the pleasure of driving this future mobile, there was a noticeable and welcome lack of worrying fluctuation where this sacred statistic was concerned."

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Furthermore, "with ‘range stress’ greatly diminished, I was afforded the extra brain space to enjoy the Tesla’s already legendary, world-renowned, bad-ass acceleration. A phenomenon so immediate, so instant, that whenever I went to put my foot down I felt simultaneously duty bound to warn my passengers of the potential for whiplash."

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Daily Mail's reviewer Chris Evans liked the Tesla Model X so much he's actually considering one for his own family. Along with being impressed by the falcon wing doors, Evans remarks, "You need more convincing about how good this car is? How about the revolutionary smoked-glass windscreen, which extends continuously into what becomes the moon roof – stunning." He concludes: "The Tesla Model X is simply spectacular in every way and makes almost everything else on the road look like a museum piece by comparison."


*Source: Daily Mail