Delivery Complete: Our Tesla Model X has arrived [Gallery]

It's been a long time since our last vehicle delivery from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA]. To be precise, it was October 12th, 2012 when a practically-prototype Tesla Model S Signature 85 (VIN #: 000184) arrived in our driveway. Since then, our Tesla Model S has missed out on everything from Autopilot to motorized side mirrors. So when we decided to get a company Tesla Model X 90D, we were excited to experience, first-hand, all of the new features that Tesla has implemented over the past five years in its new, much-talked-about SUV electric vehicle. So what's changed over the years?

Well... first, the delivery. Instead of having the Tesla Model X delivered directly to our house, we were told that Tesla is delivering so many cars right now that we should pick ours up at the West Palm Beach service center. Most of our prior dealings with Tesla have been at South Florida's Dania Beach service center location. But, the visit to the West Palm Beach service center was impressive. The lot was packed with Tesla vehicles awaiting delivery. And a good portion of those vehicles were a myriad of Tesla Model X configurations. And, one of those hidden gems somewhere in the parking lot was our Model X. Walking into the service center, it was clear that this location was a bit more updated in its design. The sexy sign posted on the wall showcasing the Model X really got us excited for the pending vehicle hand-over.

Next up, we were taken out to the Tesla parking lot where we spied two old-school Tesla Roadsters. We also snapped a pic of an older blue Tesla Model S front end compared with the updated blue Model S refresh parked right next to it. We really like the new front end grille design -- we're even planning on offering a similar version of this ourselves. And, at last... we were led out to our brand new Model X with the key fob beautifully displayed in what looked like a sleek, high-end watch box. Very cool.

Yes! We finally got a chance to see our new Model X and raise the falcon wing doors. As a family business, we were all elated to encounter the Model X. Those falcon wing doors are really dramatic and eye-catching in person. After an extensive tour of the vehicle, the family (father-and-sons) gathered around for a photo and then we were off to charge the Model X right at the West Palm Beach Tesla Superchargers on-site. It was fun to have our Model X and Model S together at last.

Our final thoughts... even though we don't have a performance model with "ludicrous mode" we were blown away by amazing torque of the Model X. It's thrilling to feel the power of this SUV. It is really, really fast! And, now that our Model X is home at last, we can get to work on the many requests for new Model X products -- we have some fantastic aftermarket accessories coming so keep an eye out. 


That said, we haven't been standing still. To that end, we've been feverishly in Tesla Model X "development mode" thanks to a local owner Mark Stern (he's standing at right with me in the photo above) from Miami. We want to thank him again for letting us borrow his Model X many times for new product development in order to test-fit new Model X accessories now available including: Wheel Bands rim protection, Heatshield Sunshades, Pet Cargo Cover, and Lloyd floor mats. Nevertheless, now that we have our hands on our own Model X, we can develop some really exciting new products to add to our ever-growing portfolio! So, if you want to get on the Wait List for new Tesla Model X accessories, click here. Oh... and so far, if you couldn't tell, we really love our new Model X.