Electric Hotel: How to sleep in your Tesla [Video]

A few years ago, we had the good fortune of meeting Steve Sasman, the "proprietor" of the Tesla Hotel. According to Steve, "One of the many benefits of the highly versatile Tesla Model S sports car is the plentiful amount of room for one or two people to sleep in the back with the seats folded down.  Outfitted with a comfy 8″ thick air mattress, you will sleep like a baby who just struck the technology jackpot." 

Above: Sasman's Model S transformed into a Tesla Hotel (Image: Tesla Renter)

Sasman explains, "Imagine sleeping in climate controlled comfort all night by running the A/C or Heat – while barely even taxing the battery. Set the evening mood with your favorite music on the Tesla’s amazing 17″ built in control monitor, and use the remote controlled candles powered by…you guessed it – batteries, because it’s a Tesla of course... you can dream about owning a Tesla while actually sleeping in one."

Above: Sasman's remote control candles add trunk ambiance (Image: Tesla Renter)

And it's not just Steve, Bloomberg did an entire piece on the joys of camping (and sleeping) in a Tesla Model S. Writer Tom Randall explains, "One beauty of the Model S for camping is that the back seats fold flat, creating an impressive expanse that can accommodate someone more than six feet tall... [so] I stretched out on my Tesla bed and realized for the first time that I was in a room of windows, with a panoramic view of the mountains and trees and the stars beyond."

Above: Bloomberg writer Tom Randall goes camping and preps the bed for a good night of Tesla sleep (Image: Bloomberg)

Although the Model S is known for it's unique ability to provide a great night of sleep, Tesla's Model X is also plenty capable. Norwegian Tesla enthusiast Bjørn Nyland shows that the Model X makes a great hotel as well. One of his many informative tips includes the use of sunshades. He used them to darken, insulate, and add some much-needed privacy to the cabin. 


Above: Nyland shows you his recommended technique for sleeping in a Tesla Model X (Youtube: Bjørn Nyland)

In any event, be sure to watch all of Bjørn's excellent tips in order to get a good night's sleep in your Tesla. Then, next time you're on the road, save a few bucks, cuddle up in your Tesla, and enjoy some zzz's in your own electric hotel. And perhaps sometime in the not-so-distant future, you can live the Elon Musk dream of travel (and sleep) in the ultra-cool Hyperloop Hotel.


*Source: Bjørn Nyland