Panel discussions at 'EVs and Tea' event reveal passion for electric cars [Video]

The adoption of electric cars has been growing rapidly over the past few years. That growth was prominently on display at the recent EVs and Tea meet-up in Miami. The event surpassed expectations with more than 700 registered electric cars. This was one of the largest EV meet-ups in the world.

Above: Real-life Starman makes an appearance at the 'EVs and Tea' event in Miami (Photo: EVBite)

For a thorough overview of the event, complete with photo gallery and exclusive video footage from prominent YouTube personalities, check out the recap from Steven Loveday at InsideEVs. Also, for more on the 3:1 scale Cybertruck model created by EVANNEX, check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes look. And stay tuned — the official EVANNEX wrap-up is also coming soon.

Above: A look at the 3:1 scale Cybertruck model created by EVANNEX (Photo: EVBite)

The EVs and Tea event took place at Basecamp inside Miami's Magic City Innovation District in Little Haiti. The event was hosted by MYEVInsideEVs, and EVANNEX. Other partners included Giorgio Piola, Signature Custom Wraps, Plug-in America, Tesla Owners Florida, Tesla Owners of South Florida, and ampUp.  

If you didn't have a chance to attend the event, be sure to check out footage from the two panels. Both panel discussions reveal a passion for vehicle electrification and excitement surrounding the future of the automotive industry. Without providing any spoiler alerts, videos follow below. 

Panel #1

Panel #2

Top video: Teslatunity; Bottom video: TesLatino

Panel #1 centered around the current state of electric vehicles. It was moderated by Dmitry Kozco (MYEV) and featured the following panelists: Kyle Connor (Out of Spec Motoring), Michael Bodner (Teslatunity), Rafael Santoni (TesLatino), and Timotej Gavrilovic (ampUp).

Panel #2 looked at the future of EVs. It was moderated by Roger Pressman (EVANNEX) and featured the following panelists: Trevor Page (Tesla Owners Online), Steven Loveday (InsideEVs), Eli Burton (My Tesla Adventure), Brooks Weisblat (Drag Times), and Anuarbek Imanbaev (Tesla Geeks).

Meanwhile, Signature Custom Wraps, a well known Tesla customizer in South Florida had some spectacular cars on display. Large crowds gathered around their uniquely-styled Tesla fleet. Modifying this "S3XY" line-up is definitely becoming a fun hobby for Tesla owners.


Above: A few of the modded Teslas on display at the event (Photos: EVBite)

It turns out that Tesla had an official company rep on-hand at the event with Models S, 3, and X on display (from a local store). Jaguar and Audi also had an official presence and showcased the new I-Pace and E-Tron. The event even featured an old-school, cool blue Tesla Roadster.

Above: A rare Tesla Roadster makes a showing at EVs and Tea (Source: EVBite)

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register with your local Tesla or EV club. Events like these are great for spreading awareness and simply getting to know like-minded people with a similar interest (and passion) for EVs. And with the industry rapidly growing, EVs and Tea will certainly grow in popularity next year.


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