A 1:3 scale model of Tesla's Cybertruck — How It's Made!

Every year is a year of firsts for Tesla, the worldwide leader in Electric Vehicles, and 2019 was no exception. Arguably, Tesla’s most dominant event of 2019 was the reveal of Cybertruck, Tesla’s controversial and disruptive offering for the pickup truck market. Most enthusiasts have poured over photos of Cybertruck and studied everything from paper models, to small 3-D prints to go-cart sized rough facsimiles, but few have actually seen Cybertruck in person.

Above: A look at a 1:3 scale model of the Tesla Cybertruck (Source: EVANNEX; Photo: Casey Murphy)

We decided to remedy that by building a 1/3-size scale model of Cybertruck debuting at our EVs and Tea event in partnership with MYEV.com and InsideEVs. The event was the biggest Tesla meet-up on the East Coast held this past weekend on February 8th at Basecamp in Miami’s Little Haiti District. Keep an eye out — we'll be doing a recap of the event soon.

Above: EVANNEX Founder, Roger Pressman, with his creation (Source: EVANNEX; Photo: Casey Murphy)

In the interim, let's talk Cybertruck. It turns out this particular Cybertruck Model is BIG. Over 6 feet in length and dimensionally accurate in every detail, the Model gave event attendees a good feel for this groundbreaking vehicle. 

Above: A look behind-the-scenes at how the team at EVANNEX built a 1:3 scale model of the Tesla Cybertruck (Source: EVANNEX)

Design of our Cybertruck model began with a 3D Model. The 3D model was fed into MeshLab and appropriate 3D slices were taken so that we could build a skeleton to support the body of Cybertruck. To verify that the skeleton slices were correct, we built a 3D skeleton frame. And then, very much like the actual Cybertruck whose body is built from planar panels, we constructed side, top, front and back panels using the 3D model as a basis, correcting deficiencies in the model using photos of Cybertruck extracted from online sources.

Above: Another look at the EVANNEX Tesla Cybertruck 1:3 scale model inside our production facility (Source: EVANNEX; Photo: Casey Murphy)

We’ve developed a complete “How It’s Made” video to give you a good feel for how we built it. If you couldn't join the 500+ Tesla fans this weekend at the EVs and Tea event, this video should provide you with a sense of how it all came together.