Factory Tour: An inside look at the Tesla Fremont factory production line [Video]

I've been lucky enough to have taken three Tesla factory tours at their sprawling production facility in Fremont, California. Each visit was an incredible experience, I was awe struck. Seeing, first-hand, how a Tesla Model S is made is something every Tesla owner (and future owner) should experience. From seeing the desk of Elon Musk smack in the middle of all the workers to watching Tesla's Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen carefully inspecting each car, I was impressed with the level of attention, precision, and quality control that each Tesla staffer displayed during my factory tours. No one was allowed to take any photos or video once inside. That is... until now.

Source: CNET Roadshow*

Major kudos go to the folks at CNET Roadshow* who were given special access to film the Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] production line in Fremont. CNET reports, "If you've ever seen a Model S or a Model X on the road, this is where it came from. This is Tesla Fremont, the factory that was formerly a joint effort between Toyota and General Motors. Called NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.) the factory was, at its peak, valued at $1.3 billion dollars. After its bankruptcy in 2008, Tesla snatched the place up for just $42 million."


Source: CNET Roadshow*

Although there is also a smaller, final assembly plant in Tilburg, Netherlands (for the European market), Tesla's U.S. based Fremont factory: "now produces all of Tesla's current production cars, and soon will ramp up to start producing the Model 3, as well. At its peak, more than 500,000 cars per year rolled out of here, the kind of numbers Tesla is going to have to achieve to deliver all those Model 3s on time."

Source: CNET Roadshow*

Check out the 1,200 pound battery pack lifted by robots and carefully screwed in place by hand (see above). Tesla Model S components, mostly aluminum, are stamped and assembled in-house like nearly all parts of the car. Chassis are carried high above the factory floor while ongoing work is carried out by factory workers and over 200 tireless robots. My recommendation: if you get a chance to make the Tesla factory pilgrimage, please go. You'll be dazzled. One possible side effect — you might want another Tesla. In the interim, check out the gallery below. 


*Source: CNET Roadshow / Photos: James Martin