Tesla Model S rated highest quality vehicle in entire industry

Tesla Model S is no stranger to awards and accolades. This summer, the Tesla Model S quietly won another prestigious award. Strategic Vision announced, "The Tesla Model S was again rated as the highest quality vehicle in the entire industry." Strategic Vision's study is currently in its 22nd year and has compiled responses from more than 2.2 million new car buyers over the last decade alone. They collect a tremendous variety of information about new car buyers, which spans approximately 450 data points.

Images: Motor Trend / Strategic Vision 

Winning the Total Quality Award, Director of Marketing at Strategic Vision noted, “Even the way Tesla fixes problems often turns a product drawback into a benefit.  To be able to fix problems and add features through a software download overnight instead of a trip to the dealer is a powerful tool. In many cases, it actually enhances their confidence in the product more than if the problem had never existed in the first place.” 

Image: Auto Express UK

And, it's not just research studies that are giving accolades in 2016 to the Model S. Most recently Auto Express UK published a 2016 Tesla Model S Facelift review and awarded the electric vehicle [EV] a perfect five stars. Their verdict: "Tesla is so far ahead of the pack when it comes to EVs and this updated Model S proves it. The changes are minor, but it demonstrates how Tesla refuses to rest on its laurels. As a technological showcase nothing comes close, with supercar pace, space-age tech and an all-electric range that will meet the needs even the biggest EV-skeptics."

Image: Auto Express UK

The review raves about Tesla's 'ludicrous' acceleration: "like watching an Olympic sprinter bolt out of the traps, the Tesla is a picture of cool and calm exploding into a frenzied blur. Perhaps what’s more staggering was the Tesla’s ‘in-gear’ pace: 30-50mph takes just one second. Few things can prepare you for just how savage the acceleration can be. It’s a hugely physical experience as your whole body tenses up and is shoved back into the seat like its been dealt a blow from a heavyweight boxer."

Image: Auto Express UK

And the 2016 Tesla Model S is getting even faster. According to Electrek, "Owners [have] reported what generally represented a more than 50 additional horsepower to the Model S. Some owners reported an output of over 500 kW (~672 hp), significantly more than the 532 hp Tesla is currently advertising for the vehicle. At the time, Tesla refused to comment on the new power capacity after Electrek reached out, but now this new power capacity appears to be translating into better performance on the drag strip."


Youtube: Tesla Racing Channel

As seen above, "The owner of a new Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode took his car to the Rockingham Dragstrip in North Carolina this weekend and recorded several 10-second runs, including one in just 10.8 seconds." So it appears that Tesla's quality is continually improving, car magazine reviews are getting even better (as if that was possible), and the Model S is getting quicker. This bodes well for the rumored all-powerful Tesla 100D that's been speculated by so many. In any event, we'll keep you updated on Tesla's continually improving Model S.