Fanboy Film: The Doors opening for Tesla in this surprising cinematic spot [Video]

If you're a serious rock music fan, you probably have at least a few albums from The Doors in your collection. Part of that unmistakable (and incredible) sound was Robby Krieger who played guitar for The Doors. These days, Krieger still performs The Doors songs in concert and sometimes his son, Waylon Krieger, will handle vocals in place of Jim Morrison. Recently, in a surprising cameo appearance, the two Kriegers showed up in a very cool Tesla fanboy commercial. 

Source: Quill Films*

Rounding out the cast in this Tesla spec spot are some other cool characters. Popular Brazilian actress, Thalia Ayala (who has almost three million Instagram followers), and, Mexican-born actress/songstress Fernanda Romero join Chris Paul (host of The None Taken Podcast) on a road trip where their old-fashioned car runs out of gas. Robby Krieger is the hero who drives his Tesla Model S past wind turbines and a "Last Gas for 1 Billion Miles" sign to pick up the stranded gas car victims. With music playing from from Ritchie Valens and Chris Isaak, this spot definitely has personality.


Source: Quill Films

As we've reported previously, Tesla's ad budget is $0. According to Advertising Age: "Tesla Motors has no advertising, no ad agency... and that's no problem." In contrast, guess what top automotive companies spend on advertising? They often rank as the biggest ad spenders in any industry, here's a sampling — Fiat-Chrysler: $1.97 billion, Toyota: $2.09 billion, GM: $2.15 billion, and Ford: a whopping $2.56 billion. Yet, oftentimes, Tesla's free fan-made TV commercials often look far superior to that of major car brands. And, this spot by the Quills brothers is no exception.

Source: Quill Films*

The company behind the spot is Quills Films*. Founded by Mike and Doug Quill, the company is described as: "a full service digital film production company... employing state of the art camera technology, we thrive on transforming your creative ideas and desires into fully realized narratives that tell your story." It turns out that Quills Films has done prior work for other automakers including Dodge, Volkswagen, and Fiat. That said, their tagline to conclude the Tesla spot says it all: "Drive the Future."


*Source: Quill Films