Tesla Style: Fashion models and electric vehicles join forces to show that 'green is beautiful'

The good folks over at the Everything Tesla YouTube channel are giving back with a new “Green is Beautiful” project. The project will feature 13 different Tesla vehicles in different colors (including a Roadster), 13 local photographers, 13 beautiful locations, and 13 different fashion models who will all be coming together to create this first-of-its-kind calendar. 


Above: A peek behind-the-scenes on a Tesla Model S photo shoot for the "Green is Beautiful" project; Photographer: Oleksy Ohurtsov, Oh.Pictures; Model: Gaby Vasquez (Source: Everything Tesla)

The calendar will attempt to showcase the balance between nature, green energy, and beauty. You can check out the Everything Tesla youtube channel for upcoming videos featuring many photographs that didn't make it into the calendar but still serve as great ambassadors for the “Green is Beautiful” project. Some of these photos may be released (at a later date) as desktop wallpaper.


Above: Tesla Model S photo shoot; Model: Maisy Spence-Sharpe; Photographer: La'Keela Smith (Source: Everything Tesla)

In addition, Everything Tesla will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as well as interviews with Tesla owners, models, photographers and other creative contributors.  Best of all, the proceeds from the calendar and donations made through corresponding links in the youtube videos will benefit Earth Justice, an environmental protection organization which fights for green energy causes within our justice system.  


Above: Behind-the-scenes on a Tesla Roadster photo shoot (Source: Everything Tesla)

“I am excited to work with so many talented people on upcoming photoshoots to help me create these beautiful images,” said the host of the channel, Alex Guberman. “But I’m even more excited about involving my viewers who will be kind enough to contribute to this great cause which many of us hold dear to our hearts.”


Above: Another Tesla Model S photo shoot; Model: Britta Rae; Photographer: Rose Buck (Source: Everything Tesla)

The video series first premiered on May 4th and more videos will be released throughout the year until the channel’s subscribers vote on their favorite image which will eventually become the cover of the calendar. You can check out the first two videos below. And be sure to subscribe to the Everything Tesla channel to be the first to see upcoming videos. 

The "Green is Beautiful" Project


Above: The first two videos covering the "Green is Beautiful" project which feature high-profile photographers, fashion models, and Teslas (Youtube: Everything Tesla)