Spy Photos: Tesla Model 3 spotted in Palo Alto

We were excited when a friend of the EVANNEX family, Michael Schoening, sent us some first-hand spy photos yesterday of a blue Tesla Model 3 release candidate spotted in Palo Alto right near Tesla's headquarters. And, it also turns out that a few other daring photographers were able to catch some photos (in the same area) of a silver Model 3 release candidate this week as well. Take a look at the Model 3 spy photo galleries below.


Above: It appears that this particular Tesla Model 3 release candidate was being "tracked" at one point by another silver Tesla Model S (Source: Michael Schoening)

First up, check out this blue Tesla Model 3 — our guess: this color option could become a popular choice among Model 3 reservation holders. Tesla even uses the blue version on their Model 3 reservation page. One curious thing — it's strange that every time a release candidate is spotted out "in the wild" there seems to be no Tesla center cap showing on the wheels. At the Tesla Model 3 launch event, many of the wheel configurations had carbon fiber accents in (or around) the wheel's center cap. It's possible that Tesla is still perfecting the center cap "look" that they'll finalize that detail only to be revealed with the production version of the vehicle.


Above: The Model 3 cornering during road testing around Tesla HQ in Palo Alto (Source: Michael Schoening)

Next up, Tekopia's Raj Khaitan was camped up on Mars Hill near Tesla's headquarters and caught a few more photos earlier this week of a silver Model 3 release candidate. Tesla remains relatively quiet about the Model 3 since they reported their first quarter financial results. But, in their Shareholder's Letter, Tesla noted that, "vehicle development is nearly complete as we approach the start of production. Release Candidate vehicles, built using production-intent tooling and processes, are being tested... [and] road testing is also underway to refine driving dynamics and ensure vehicle durability."


Above: A silver Tesla Model 3 seen outside Tesla HQ (Source: Raj Khaitan / Tekopia)

In addition, Electrek published another silver Tesla Model 3 release candidate driving in the same area along with a few glimpses into the interior dash/steering wheel area. That means there's (at least) five different colors of the Model 3 release candidate pre-production vehicles currently being tested. Also, check out the Tesla Model 3 "body-in-white" shown in an online training guide meant for approved Tesla body shops. The guide teases coursework (coming in July) on Model 3 Mechanical, Electrical, and Trim instructions along with Structural Repair and Steel Structural Welding.


Above: Electrek reports on some anonymous sightings of more Tesla Model 3 release candidates in Palo Alto; publishes the first "body-in-white" image from the Tesla body shop training guide; and shows examples of at least five Model 3 release candidates in different colors that have been road testing out in the wild (Source: Electrek 1, 2, 3, 4)

As evidenced here, lots of Model 3 spy shots are surfacing in Palo Alto. But, rumors are swirling about more — Trev Page from Model 3 Owners Club tweeted that, "Almost a hundred Model 3s are undergoing durability and crash testing in central Ohio" as well. Anticipation is reaching an all-time high. On Tesla's first quarter earnings conference call, Elon Musk revealed that Model 3 reservations are growing: "no matter how much we anti-sell it, it just grows every week." He emphasized, “Our net reservations continues to climb week after week... No advertising. Anti-selling. Nothing to test drive... [it] still grows every week.”