Expansion Continues: Tesla opens Miami V3 Supercharger station, the first in Florida

In addition to the extensive list of achievements already accomplished, Tesla was able to drastically upgrade their proprietary Supercharger stations last year. The new V3 Supercharger is capable of charging at speeds that put the rest of the EV industry on notice. 

Above: Looks like even the Wawa mascot loves Tesla's new V3 Superchargers (Source: EVBite)

As part of the Tesla and Wawa collaboration, a gas station in South Florida will now provide energy to Tesla owners. This won’t be the first Wawa Supercharger to do this but it will be the first V3 station in the South Florida area — a place where Teslas are extremely popular. In fact, it’s the first in all of the state of Florida. The Miami-based Supercharger, complete with 8 stalls, resides on the historic Coral Way road.

Rollout of the new super-fast Supercharger has been somewhat slower than expected as Tesla quietly worked out some kinks and logistics. Florida is Tesla’s third-largest market. With the tightly-condensed South Florida making up roughly 25% of the state's population, it’s a clear focus for the automaker.

Popular Tesla YouTuber and founder of the South Florida Tesla Club, Teslatino, got word of the grand opening. The event caused an impromptu Tesla club meet-up with many members excited to try out the new and improved charging speeds.

Source: @TeslaClubSoFla

The new stations use a massive 1 MW power cabinet that allows for a peak charge rate of 250 kW. These numbers can provide a Model 3 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes — numbers that will certainly make Tesla fill-ups comparable to any non-EV on the road.

At older Supercharger stations, the more people were there, the slower the cars would charge. The new V3 chargers allow for direct connection meaning no more charge splitting. Everyone at the station will hit peak charge rates up to their car's capabilities.

Currently, only the Model 3 and upcoming Model Y can charge at 250 kW. New Model S and X’s can charge at up to 200 kW with older models capped around 120 kW. It’s uncertain if Tesla has plans to upgrade the existing Model S and X batteries for full V3 charging capability equal to 3 and Y.

Above: Tesla owners come out to support the opening of the new V3 Supercharger in Miami (Source: EVBite)

V3 Superchargers are rapidly expanding this year throughout the US. Eventually, Tesla will begin converting a majority of older stations to these new and improved Superchargers.


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