Drag Race: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Porsche 911 Carrera S [Video]

The iconic Porsche 911 Carrera S is a worthy (and fierce) competitor for the Tesla Model 3 Performance — especially when it comes to drag racing. Keep in mind, the Model 3 is a larger and heavier sedan when compared to the 911 coupe. That said, the Model 3's powertrain produces more power and torque.

Above: Tesla Model 3 Performance and Porsche 911 Carrera S getting ready face off against one another (Source: CarWow/Instagram)

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is 0.3 seconds quicker than the Porsche 911 Carrera S when it comes to 0-60 mph numbers. CarWow (from the UK) recently took both of these high-performance monsters to the drag strip for a real-world test against one another and filmed 4 attempts (including one which was a rolling race at 50 mph).

Before watching the video, let's look at both cars and how they compare from a performance standpoint on the spec sheet (see table 1.1 below).

Table 1.1: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Porsche 911 Carerra S performance stats (Source: Tesla and Porsche via X Auto)

One teaser before watching — putting the Tesla Model 3 in track mode did not decrease the number of seconds it requires to complete the race in a straight line but it did deliver a quicker launch. Track mode, clearly, is best for races that require more traction and better handling like the Nürburgring race circuit which has several difficult turns and the famous corkscrew.

Above: A looks at the Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Porsche 911 Carrera S drag racing against one another (YouTube: CarWow)

In the 50 mph roll start race, Tesla Model 3 reached 110 mph fairly quickly while it took 130 mph for the Porsche 911 to catch the Tesla. After losing in the first standing start 1/4 mile, the Porsche 911 Carrera S had to warm up the tires by delivering some donuts on the track and burning a bit of rubber. Meanwhile, the Model 3 being electric was always first off-the-line.

Table 1.2: Drag race results (Source: CarWow via X Auto)

It's impressive to see the performance consistency of the Tesla Model 3. In all three standing start quarter-mile drag races it crossed the finish line in 11.8 secs. The Model 3 Performance variant unlike Model S and Model X does not need Ludicrous Mode to be activated — it just goes full throttle every time the accelerator is floored.

Looking back, former Formula 1 World Champ Nico Rosberg had once pitted the Model 3 Performance against a 911 GT2 RS for a drag race in beautiful Monaco, and the result was surprising for both Model 3 and 911 fans alike — similar to this current race. In any event, the Model 3's performance stats are always impressive when compared with Porsche, although it's especially stunning when you consider the car's MSRP.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article was originally published on X Auto.