Getting Ready for Model 3, a new book about the mass-market electric vehicle from Tesla

People sometimes ask me how you write a book. My response is always the same and always accompanied with a smile: “One page at a time!”

In the case of Getting Ready for Model 3, a new book on Tesla’s first car for almost everyone, my simple little rule was stretched to it’s limit. I had to produce a final manuscript for a real, 150-page book in less than three months and still hold down my full-time job at EVANNEX.


Above: A discussion about Getting Ready for Model 3

The idea for a book about the Tesla Model 3 bubbled up on April 1st, as I sat on the plane returning from the California launch event of Tesla’s most important electric vehicle. Having spent some time inside Model 3 and experiencing a demo drive, I was really amped (no pun intended) about the car. But why do a book? After all, it was really early in Tesla’s journey toward a production vehicle and a lot of Model 3’s characteristics were in their formative stages. On the other hand, many of the 400,000 people on the reservation list will be owning their first battery electric vehicle, and many appeared to be desparate to find well-organized information about the car.

I stood in line for almost two hours at the Santa Monica Tesla store on the first day Model 3 sign-ups were available. Based on my conversations with numerous future Model 3 owners, I found that many were worried about range, some had no clue about how to establish their personal charging infrastructure, and in more than a few cases, people had relatively little understanding of basic battery electric vehicle concepts. Sure, there was a tsunami of information that appeared on the Web and in social media, but it was disorganized, often superficial, and sometimes downright incorrect. Given all of that, Getting Ready for Model 3 seemed like a worthwhile endeavor. Five months later, and the book is a reality.

At EVANNEX, we were fortunate to be the very first aftermarket Tesla accessories company in the Tesla ecosystem, the very first company to champion and offer a center console for the Model S—now standard equipment in all new Tesla cars, the very first to offer storage solutions for the cubby along with many other “first-ever” products. We continue that tradition by being the very first to publish a book on the Tesla Model 3. I hope you enjoy Getting Ready for Model 3.