Getting Ready for Model 3: A Guide for Future Tesla Model 3 Owners
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Getting Ready for Model 3: A Guide for Future Tesla Model 3 Owners

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Getting Ready for Model 3 (GR4M3) by Roger Pressman is the world’s first book to focus exclusively on the Tesla Model 3. GR4M3 distills the millions of words written about Model 3 by the media into a cohesive, well-structured whole. It uses information gleaned from forums, blogs, auto magazines, websites, and social media along with significant original content to produce a discussion of Model 3 that will be of use to every person on the Model 3 reservation list and everyone else who has interest in the car. Written by someone who has actually been inside Model 3 and has taken a demonstration drive, GR4M3 allows you to better appreciate Model 3 by examining the exterior and interior of the car. It addresses some of the decisions you’ll likely face when you’re asked to configure your Model 3 and identifies the things you’ll need to do to get ready for your first battery electric vehicle. GR4M3 even provides you with a method for estimating when your car will be delivered.




Getting Ready for Model 3 distills the millions of words written about the Model 3 into a cohesive, well-structured whole. It organizes information gleaned from forums, blogs, auto magazines, websites, and social media, along with significant original content, to produce a discussion of Model 3 that will be of use to every person on the Model 3 reservation list and everyone else who has interest in the car.

Written by Roger Pressman, a two-time Tesla owner and founder of EVANNEX®, Getting Ready for Model 3 accomplishes the following:

— Examines the exterior and interior of Model 3 with exclusive photos,

— Clarifies important issues like range and “range anxiety,”

— Considers the decisions that will be required as each owner configures Model 3,

— Provides a preview of Model 3’s autonomous driving features,

— Explains how to develop a personal charging infrastructure for future owners of the car,

— Considers the costs of ownership, and provides a targeted, quantitative method for estimating when the car will be delivered to reservation holders,

— Discusses and explains what is known about the car’s tech.

"Roger Pressman, a Florida businessman and owner of a Model S and Model X, said the software was due for a new look... Pressman thinks the biggest benefit for the average driver will be the new interface, although the Autopilot upgrade is important for vehicle safety." - SiliconBeat

Getting Ready for Model 3 presents an array of interesting and little known facts about Model 3, must-read tips, many web references, and useful graphs, pictures and graphics. It contains a detailed index for those who will use the book as a reference.

Images from Getting Ready for Model 3 used with permission.




Getting Ready for Model 3 is published by EVANNEX® as a perfect bound, four color, 6” x 9” softcover format book. It has been professionally designed to project a modern aesthetic. It is 147 pages long and contains over 85 photos (some never-before published), graphs, tables, and graphic images.

"Roger S. Pressman, an admirer of the company [Tesla], its cars, and of Musk, and whose Deerfield Beach, Florida-based supply company, EVANNEX, manufactures accessories for Tesla vehicles... has written a book called Getting Ready for Model 3." - MIT Technology Review

About the Author

Roger Pressman is founder and Director of Product Development for EVANNEX®. He is an early owner of the Tesla Model S and Model X and was among those who placed an early reservation for the Model 3. He is one of the relatively few people on the planet who have been inside Model 3 and taken a demonstration drive (at the Model 3 launch event) in this revolutionary new battery electric vehicle.




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"A new book, Getting Ready for Model 3: A Guide for Future Tesla Model 3 Owners by Roger Pressman, details many of the expected technical details about the car’s performance as well as considerations for keeping it charged. For those who like the minutiae of how cars function, the chapters on performance and autonomous vehicles give digestible overviews of how EV and assisted driving technologies work in general, as well as Tesla’s likely implementation. One aspect of PEVs that is often overlooked or misunderstood is the efficiency of electric motors in providing more torque at low to medium RPMs than conventional vehicles. Pressman does well in explaining the details about this feature, which alone should have prospective Model 3 owners excited… [and] Tesla’s Autopilot feature has gained praise for its role in pushing the edges of driver assistance (as well as a fair amount of notoriety), and Pressman provides an overview of the levels of autonomy and underlying technologies." - Forbes


"Author, early Tesla adopter and founder of EVANNEX, Roger Pressman, highlights the ins and outs of everything you want to know about Tesla’s mass-market vehicle in his new book, Getting Ready for Model 3. For reservations holders or soon-to-be buyers, Pressman provides an ample list of dos and don’ts on how to prepare for the vehicle… Whether a first time Tesla buyer or an existing owner, Getting Ready for Model 3 provides a fun and speculative look, backed by hard data, on what’s to come for Model 3." - Teslarati

Image: Teslarati

Model 3 Owners Club

“It’s an easy read… and they cover a lot of aspects about the Model 3 design, their [past] experiences with Model S, what you can experience as far as getting some kind of charger put in your house… range, range anxiety… public charging, how an electric motor works… overall it’s a really good book… highly recommended… thumb’s up from us!” - Model 3 Owners Club

Image: Teslarati

Tesla Pittsburgh Blog

“Pressman is uniquely qualified to educate the masses that are trembling with anticipation and ticking off days until Tesla says they can configure their Model 3… Tesla veterans will find a lot of entertaining and informed speculation about the Model 3. There’s some clever reasoning that Pressman combines with his intimate knowledge of Tesla’s engineering style to extrapolate design details… The writing style is very personal and conversational, with Pressman guiding you systematically through the development process for the Model 3… [and] charts, graphs, statistics and illustrations are used to explain nearly everything.  He’s not stingy with the visual aids, using them to illustrate both technical topics and those where mere words don’t convey the idea effectively. The presentation is thorough, with lots of references and footnotes to spur further reading for those wanting an even deeper dive.” - Tesla Pittsburgh Blog



"Hundreds of thousands of people are eagerly awaiting their Tesla Model 3 affordable supercars. Some of them are EV enthusiasts (okay, let’s be honest — fanatics) who want every detail they can find about the car. Some are actually electric vehicle virgins who need to learn a thing or two about charging and living with an EV before they take delivery. Getting Ready for Model 3 is a superb book for both of these populations." - CleanTechnica

Green Car Congress

"... a short, accessible book—“Getting Ready for Model 3”—that is a combination of BEV basics, recap of known Model 3 features, and informed speculation on Model 3 technology and production dates... while likely of interest even to those with a solid understanding of the technology of electric vehicles and the related charging infrastructure, Pressman’s book should be a valuable resource for potential new buyers." - Green Car Congress

Ride the Lightning Podcast

"It's a 140 and something page guide on — as the title suggests getting ready for Model 3 — getting to know what charging is all about, some things about what to expect with the car… [and] everybody in their lives whether it’s their parents, their siblings, their friends that are also on the Model 3 list that don’t follow this [Tesla] stuff every day by listening to my podcast or reading forums, [it] could be a great holiday gift.” - Ride the Lightning Podcast

Tesla Living Blog

"Getting Ready for Model 3 by Roger Pressman helps prepare the hundreds of thousands of future Model 3 owners for the joys and challenges of owning one of the best EVs in the world… For anyone who reserved a Model 3, the book is a valuable resource… I found the writing to be very clear with a good number of illustrations, charts, pictures and callouts that highlighted the key facts... For the masses of future first-time Tesla owners, the book is critical resource full of good advice and knowledge on EVs, Tesla and the Model 3 and should definitely be on the 'must read' list.” - Tesla Living Blog

Torque News

"Getting Ready For Model 3 does a great job of covering all the bases… If you want an easily digestible book which covers Tesla, the Model 3 and BEVS in a nice compact format, this is the book for you.” - Torque News

Learn Bonds

"Tesla Model 3 reservation holders will love this Christmas gift!" - Learn Bonds

Elon Musk News

“The Model 3 launch was the biggest product launch in history. While Elon Musk has done a great job at revealing the car in broad strokes, there are still many specifics that most reservation holders are unaware of. Pressman’s extensive knowledge of the Model 3 - and the Tesla brand in general - has enabled him to write an insightful, and ultimately invaluable book for future Model 3 owners.” - Elon Musk News

Science World Report

"As we wait anxiously and get ready for the Model 3, reservation holders and Tesla fans can get an insider's preview on what to expect on the Tesla Model 3 ins and outs. Author, early tesla adopter, and founder of Evannex, Mr. Roger Pressman highlights the ins and outs on what you would want to know about Tesla's mass-market automobile in his book, Getting Ready for Model 3." - Science World Report

Off the Throttle

"If you’re thinking about getting a Model 3, this book is a must-read. You could spend a month looking on the internet for all of this info, and they’ve done the work for you and compiled it into a perfect package. Plus, there’s plenty in this book that you won’t find online either. And let’s admit, there are some pretty divided opinions on Tesla out there and you can’t always trust what you read online. It’s clear the the author knows his stuff." - Off the Throttle

The Tesla Times

"From telling you how electric cars work to predicting when you will receive your pre-ordered Model 3, this book is an amazing read... As a Tesla writer myself, there is very little about Tesla that I do not know already.  That is why I was shocked by this book.  I learned quite a bit about Tesla, electric cars, and the Tesla Model 3 from this book.  Whether you are a Tesla newbie or a Tesla veteran, I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book." - The Tesla Times



Table of Contents





Here are a few helpful videos that provide a preview into what's featured in the book...

Book Preview


Tesla Model 3 Demonstration Drive


Estimated wait time for Tesla Model 3


Creating a Tesla Personal Charging Infrastructure 




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I’m new to electric vehicles. Does Getting Ready for Model 3 provide enough background material for me to understand the car?

Yes. GR4M3 makes no assumptions about your level of electric vehicle (EV) knowledge. The first chapter introduces some basics, and other chapters discuss the Tesla Model 3 and some generic issues (e.g., “range anxiety”) that apply to all battery electric vehicles.

I already own an electric vehicle (EV). Will Getting Ready for Model 3 be too elementary for me?

Not if you have interest in the Tesla Model 3. The vast majority of content in GR4M3 focuses exclusively on Model 3. If you’re an EV-sophisticate, you can skim through those topics intended for neophytes.

Can’t I get the information I need from web-based sources?

You can, but it won’t be easy, organized, or structured in a way that makes understanding easy. We suggest that you use GR4M3 to establish a base understanding of the car, using the web for late-breaking news as the months pass.

Won’t a lot of what’s written in Getting Ready for Model 3 change by the time the car goes into production?

Actually, no. The overall Model 3 architecture has been established, its major functions and features are reasonably well-defined, the things you’ll need to know about the car and the preparations required before it’s delivered won’t change, and the overarching issues associated with battery electric vehicles are well established, so the book will maintain its value before and even after the Model 3 is released for sale.

How can I get ongoing updates that about the Model 3 that keeps me abreast of the latest news after GR4M3 was published?

GR4M3 is a great foundation for understanding and learning about the Model 3. But, the world of Tesla is changing constantly. It’s likely that some information in the book will change (or even become out-of-date) as Tesla improves, iterates, revises and announces news related to the Model 3. To that end, in order to keep you up-to-date on information pertaining to the Tesla Model 3, after you place your order, you’ll receive a weekly newsletter that will keep you abreast of Tesla Model 3 news. You can also sign up for our weekly Tesla news round-up by signing up for our newsletter. However, if you’d like updates more frequently on the Tesla Model 3 and all things Tesla-related, we recommend you visit our blog which is updated daily.

We also feverishly cover Tesla news — typically 3x/day, 7 days/week. We curate the most important news stories related to Tesla and many of these stories pertain to updates on the Tesla Model 3. So if you’re like us, and you love being the first to get news related to Tesla, we recommend you follow us on social media for curated news we uncover related to Tesla (and the Model 3). Follow us on your favorite social media channel — Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram — for the latest.

Will Getting Ready for Model 3 be too technical for me?

Not at all. Although Roger Pressman does treat a few technical subjects (e.g., range, battery capacity), he makes no assumptions about the reader’s level of knowledge and always starts with the basics, keeping things as simple as possible. Even if you don't know a volt from a watt, you'll find Getting Ready for Model 3 to be a valuable resource.

Will the book provide me with guidance for configuring my Model 3?

Yes. The book describes the likely options that will be offered for Model 3, assesses them, and makes recommendations. It also defines the criteria that will help you make the right choice.

Can I see a sample chapter?

Yes! Simply sign up on our VIP List and inquire about the Free Chapter, and we'll give you access to a complimentary sample chapter.

How long does shipping take when ordering Getting Ready for Model 3?

Most orders ship within 24 hours of receipt on business days.

Are you fulfilling international orders for Getting Ready for Model 3?

Yes. We'll be shipping international orders via USPS - all international orders will have a shipping cost of: $19.95. Shipping to most international destinations will typically take between 4-8 weeks. Note: please allow an additional time buffer for USPS to deliver internationally as it does not have the more rapid timeframes for delivery as "overnight" providers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, or DHL). We'll be fulfilling our international orders on a first come, first served basis. You will also see an option for FedEx International Shipping (that ships more quickly), but, depending on where it's going the price will vary (note: the FedEx International Shipping is typically far more expensive than the standard USPS Shipping option). Also, it will be possible (if you prefer) to order Getting Ready for Model 3 as an e-book (see below) and incur no shipping charges.

Is there an option to order Getting Ready for Model 3 as an e-book?

Yes, there is an e-book version available. For more information on the e-book, click here.

Will I get the e-book for free if I order the hard copy?

No, the e-book will have it's own, distinct, individual pricing as a separate offering and will not be bundled with the book. Owners of the book will not be entitled to special discounts on the e-book (and vice versa).

Should I buy the printed/non-digital copy or the e-book?

This depends on your preference. If you want something physical as a permanent "keepsake" to celebrate this soon-to-be classic car -- the beautiful design, photos, and easy-reference format might be the best choice for you. Some readers may prefer reading in digital format, especially international customers (looking to save on shipping) may find the e-book to be preferable.



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