How to improve storage in your Tesla

When it comes to storage, Tesla has a remarkable amount of space in its vehicles. After all, it has a trunk and a frunk. And because the battery pack is placed under the floorpan of the vehicle, it doesn't need an unsightly transmission "hump" — which hampers the interior space in a gas-powered vehicle. However, although there is copious space inside your Tesla, the design language is one of modern minimalism. That's cool, but, at times... after owning a Tesla, you may feel the need to search out storage solutions to help organize your stuff.

Above: Significant storage capacity in trunk (Image: InsideEVs)

Why? We live in our cars. For many it's our home outside of our house. With a car as amazing as a Tesla, you'll want to spend plenty of time inside the car to enjoy the driving experience. And often, you might have to wait a bit at a supercharger and choose to do some work inside the passenger cabin. However, Tesla didn't include many places, pockets, or compartments for essential storage. Often, your stuff will find it's way onto the floor which looks (and feels) a bit cluttered and messy. Here are some solutions you might find helpful.

Front Seat Area

Let's start with the the front seat area. Storage options? A tiny "nook" inside the door. A small glove compartment. Hidden cupholders under the armrests. And... yes, a shelf under the 17" touchscreen display. That shelf (often called the cubby) is a great spot for sunglasses, wallet, keys, and other valuables. But, you don't want prying eyes to look inside and see your personal items, they should be concealed — so we designed the Cubby Compartment. And, sure, newer Teslas also have a center console, but, for those earlier Teslas that don't have one, we designed our most popular product ever, the must-have Center Console Insert.

Above: Center Console Insert and Cubby Compartment (Image: CleanTechnica)

Back Seat Area

What about the back seat area? One thing missing is coat hooks. If you want to hang a coat or sport jacket, we've got our popular coat hooks to do the job for both the Model S and Model X. When Tesla entered the market in China, they tried to create "executive seating" for back seat Model S passengers. However, they discontinued that option after a short trial period. Many owners throughout the world wanted that "executive" experience in the back seats, so we created a rear console in order to accommodate extra storage, cupholders, and an armrest. We also designed Kangaroo Pockets on the backs of the front seats to store your odds and ends.


Above: Rear Console and Kangaroo Pockets

Trunk Area

Both the Model X and Model S have copious storage in the trunk. However, a really handy feature is extra storage in the "cargo well" hidden under the floor of the trunk. But the well is just an open space — it doesn't have partitions to help consolidate certain items and keep the area neat and organized. Our popular Trunk Organizers do the trick. And, for Model S owners, the parcel shelf in the trunk is helpful to conceal your items, but, our parcel shelf auto lift kit helps make the trunk more accessible after opening the lift gate.

Above: Trunk Organizer

Because we love the design aesthetic of the interior so much — we felt it was mission-critical to develop and carry products to help keep the interior neat, organized, and more functional for both the driver and the passengers. These Tesla accessories will upgrade your interior and make your Tesla ownership experience a bit more pleasing inside the car. Besides, when you love your Tesla as much as we do, these storage solutions help you enjoy your time in your car a little bit more. And that means a lot.