Infographic: Comparing range/price of today’s top electric vehicles

Posted on April 06, 2019 by Matt Pressman

With all the hype Big Auto generates with press releases and concept cars, you'd think its dealerships would be flooded with electric vehicles by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But slowly, ever so slowly, new EVs are being introduced. How do they compare with Tesla? That's always the first question on everyone's lips.

Above: How do the EVs from legacy automakers stack up against those from Tesla? (Image: Tesla)

When it comes to performance and tech, Tesla is hard to beat. However, one intriguing data point to look at is price per range mile. Do you happen to know how legacy automaker EVs stack up against Tesla on this particular metric? If not, don't fret — The Zebra has you covered. The auto insurance experts analyzed many of today's top electric cars to better understand which EV model has the best range mileage per dollar.

Or, perhaps, you can think of it this way: how much are you paying per range mile? To ascertain the answer, The Zebra simply divided each vehicle’s MSRP by its listed mileage range for 2019. Their infographic breaks down the price-to-range ratios of 2019's top electric vehicles. 

Above: Electric cars getting charged (Image: Microgrod Knowledge)

Of course, there are plenty of other key factors to consider when looking at EVs like safety, customer loyalty, and total cost of ownership. And don't underestimate the power of subjective (sometimes superficial) criteria — looks matter too. Add Tesla's Supercharger network into the equation and the whole comparison thing might get a bit unfair. 

Finally, a few caveats to consider. The infographic doesn't include Tesla's recently announced, $35,000 base price Model 3 as that configuration still hasn't been delivered to any customers yet (ahem, we're waiting). And a word of warning: since original publication of this infographic, Tesla's prices are (and remain) in flux — a moving target that's always changing.* That said, you'll probably find some of the stats in this infographic pretty handy when evaluating the EV market. Take a look below...


EV Price/Range Comparison


Source: The Zebra

*Note: Always check pricing on Tesla's website to get the latest. The same applies to legacy automakers as well — although some haggling exists due to Big Auto's third-party dealership model which differs from Tesla's direct-to-consumer model.

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