Inside Tesla’s holiday software update 2022.44.25.1

Posted on December 14, 2022 by Peter McGuthrie

Tesla usually releases a rather hefty update around the holidays, and this year’s update is already garnering some positive reviews from the few who have it so far. With a handful of new features ranging from useful to pure fun, Tesla’s 2022 holiday update is now deploying to hundreds of customers by the day.

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Software update 2022.44.25.1 is rolling out for some Tesla owners, with the first documented download coming from Canadian Tesla driver James Locke (via Teslarati). The update was also confirmed by Not a Tesla App soon thereafter, which includes download and install data as well as detailed release notes.

Locke owns a Standard Range Plus Model 3 and was the first known account or publication to share release notes for the update.

Among the many features included in Tesla’s software version 2022.44.25.1 are the long-awaited additions of Apple Music, Track Mode for the Model Y and major improvements to Dog Mode. Tesla also included some features that are just plain fun in the update, including new light show options, animations and more. Tesla’s 2022 holiday update release notes by Model follows below.

Update features for Models S, 3, X and Y

  • Apple Music now available in application launcher
  • View the interior camera from the mobile app with Dog Mode
  • Support for myQ Connected Garage door openers (New Model S, X units only)
  • Adjust fan speed while in AUTO climate 
  • Emissions Testing Mode can now be used from the mobile app
  • You can now conduct Zoom Meetings in a Tesla when parked (New Model S, X units only)
  • Design updates to the arcade’s Mahjong (New Model S, X units only)
  • Always Rainbow driving visualization now available in application launcher
  • Scheduled Light Shows for up to 10 minutes in advance (New Model S, X units only)
  • Use the contact lookup feature from a connected Bluetooth device
  • Calls from a connected Bluetooth device now confirm before transferring to the vehicle
  • Navigation UI improvements


Update features for Models 3, Y

  • Media controls moved closer to the driver
  • Following a lane change, merge or fork, turn signals automatically deactivate
  • Swipeable cards reintroduced on touchscreen interface


Update features for Models S, X

  • Steam beta now available in application launcher (New Model S, X units only)
  • Use Bluetooth gaming controllers to play games in Arcade Mode (New Model S, X units only)
  • Control the rear screen from the front seats (New Model S, X units only)


Update features for Model S only

  • Disable Auto-Present Door Handles when parked at home


Update features for Model X only

  • Disable Auto Door Opening when parked at home


Update features for Model Y only

  • Track Mode added for performance-level stability and powertrain configuration


You can see a more comprehensive guide to the holiday release notes here.


Source: Twitter / Teslarati / Not a Tesla App

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