It's here!!! Tesla's first Model 3 production car belonging to Elon Musk [Gallery]

Sure enough, Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] CEO Elon Musk made his way back from Australia to officially announce the first-ever production Model 3 at Tesla's factory in Fremont, California. Last last night, he tweeted, "Production unit 1 of Model 3 is now built and going through final checkout. Pics soon." After questions arose about the owner, he revealed that Tesla Board Member, "Ira Ehrenpreis had rights to 1st car as he was 1st to place a full deposit, but gave those rights to me as my 46th bday present. Tks Ira!" 


Above: First Model 3 production car in black and white (Twitter: elonmusk)

When asked if he gets every first production car, Musk remarked, "It's who is first to pay full price for the car. Hard rule. I have first Roadster and X, but not first S." Then, he proceeded to post some pics of the Model 3 Production SN1 (Serial Number 1) in front of the factory, one in black and white, and one in color. The car speaks for itself — although it does look especially good finally seeing the unique lug nut covers and center cap (in most pics they're missing) installed as revealed on Tesla's patents filed earlier.


Above: First Model 3 production car in color (Twitter: elonmusk)

Right before Musk posted the official photos to Twitter, it appears that production car SN1 was captured on film by a lucky passerby and published on Facebook. If you look closely, it appears that a photographer is setting up for a shoot in the first pic below.


Above: Spy shots of the first production Model 3 (Facebook: Nan Lin)

Want to see what the other colors might look like? So do we. However, the only confirmed production car photo (at this time) is Elon's black Model 3 seen above. For reference, we featured an extensive gallery of top 10 Model 3 spy shots a few day ago. But, it turns out that a few other spy photos have surfaced since — so (of course) we wanted to catch you up on the newer spy photos we've collected in order to display them here for your viewing pleasure. Check out our latest top 5 below along with a new bonus video.

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Bonus Video


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In any event, the car looks great. Now, we just have to wait to see some high-quality interior pics. And more importantly — we're hoping to get a peek at the online configurator to finally get confirmation on pricing, options, etc. We'll keep you posted.