Jay Leno shows his love for Tesla; CNBC Host Jim Cramer approves [Video]

Jay Leno is a proud Tesla owner. Most recently, Leno's support for Tesla seemed to have had a big impact on a vocal Tesla doubter, CNBC's Jim Cramer. According to Learn Bonds, "Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] got unsolicited words of advocacy last night from Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money.  Cramer has never been a Tesla fan but he says he got a wake-up call... delivered by Jay Leno while speaking on the state of business in America. Cramer is not particularly fond of Tesla and he seems to have a leaning towards bearish tendencies on the stock... Hence, it is quite surprising that Cramer had reasons to sing Tesla’s praises last night."

Above: Jay Leno speaking with Tesla lead designer Franz von Holzhausen on Jay Leno's Garage (Source: Scorpione USA)

Leno spoke with Cramer on CNBC and the former late night host explained that he owns a Tesla P90D and that, "I don't understand why people attack this car. It is made in America, by Americans. It is built local. You know we are becoming like the British — we like noble failures more than we reward success." Leno compared Tesla CEO Elon Musk to legends such as Thomas Edison or Henry Ford for his ability to innovate and produce cars against all odds. Leno also mentioned that, "“I think in the future everybody will drive some kind of EV… electric car of some kind.”

Above: CNBC's Jim Cramer talks about Jay Leno's praise for Tesla Motors and Elon Musk (Source: The Street)

After hearing Leno's thoughts on Tesla Motors, Cramer noted, "I think Jay has a pretty good point. And he is dead right when he says 'I don't understand why we don't celebrate entrepreneurship more and success in this country.'" Cramer then concludes, "We often forget that there is such thing as progress, and progress can create a better world. Progress is also the secret propellant of stocks... I suggest you use Jay's words, not as a clarion call to go buy stocks, but as a reminder that getting too pessimistic is at odds with reality, and that progress is worth celebrating." For the entire video of CNBC's interview with Jay Leno, watch below. He talks about Tesla specifically from 4:02 - 6:10...

Above: Full interview with Jay Leno on CNBC, he discusses Tesla specifically from 4:02 - 6:10 (Source: CNBC)

How did Jay Leno get his Tesla? Previously, Leno told a funny story about how he bought his Model S; Gas2 reported, "Elon Musk gave late-night talk show host and certified car nut Jay Leno his phone number. Like, his personal cell phone number — as well as permission to call 'any time' to set up a factory tour... Leno decided it was time to take Musk up on his offer and gave him a call one sunny California afternoon. The problem? Elon Musk was fast asleep in China, in the middle of the night, when Jay’s call came in... [so instead] Jay bought a $120,000 Tesla Model S P90D as an 'apology' for waking him up." In any event, Leno's been enjoying his Tesla and has featured the Model S on his TV show, Jay Leno's Garage, many times after that fateful wake-up phone call to Musk.