Learning more Tesla Model 3 insider gems [Infographic]

As we've all had a moment to take a breath since the momentous launch last week of Tesla's Model 3, slowly but surely more information has been seeping in. The launch party stoked plenty of excitement — so much so that Tesla has been receiving 1800 reservations per day — but we're still missing a few key details. Nevertheless, some tidbits from early owners, Tesla fanboys, and inside sources have provided a few, key must-know items.


Above: The Model 3 aero wheels look pretty sexy in this new photo (Reddit: Iwantatesla)

Tesla Board member Steve Jurvetson just published some helpful videos that confirm the Model 3 has a motorized charge port and a new (sleek) universal mobile connector. The second video has some pretty nifty Model 3 Easter eggs as well. It looks like these Easter eggs are available across all three Tesla vehicles — but, of course, the wild Christmas light show will only be available with the Model X. Check out the videos Jurvetson published yesterday.


Above: A look at the Tesla Model 3 charge port, UMC, and Easter eggs (Youtube: jurvetson)

Another major concern of reservation holders is what color and wheels to select when configuring their Model 3. To help assist in this difficult decision, Reddit'or alexp2 pulled together all the color/wheel combos and presented them in this useful mini-infographic below.


Above: All Model 3 color and wheel combinations to choose from (Reddit: alexp2)

One fun perk of owning any Tesla is lots of storage — there's even a frunk (front trunk) with copious storage space. Also, many are anxious to see the trunk storage space available in the Model 3. Motor Trend snapped some helpful photos showcasing the frunk and trunk along with the trunk's hidden, deeper recessed cargo well. And according to Bloomberg, "With the new Model 3, there’s great news for those Tesla campers and others who like to haul long cargo. The [back] seats of the Model 3 fold completely flat, and with the front seats in their most forward position, the back bed measures an impressive 6 feet 9 inches long (206 cm). This is a car that’s dying to be slept in." 


Top: Model 3 Frunk (Source: Motor Trend); Middle 1: A look at the deep, recessed cargo well in the trunk (Source: Motor Trend); Middle 2: Even with cargo well covered, the trunk looks plenty spacious (Source: Motor Trend); Bottom: Yes, you can even stretch out and sleep in your Model 3 (Source: Bloomberg)

Also the Model 3 is virtually button-free. According to the Tesla Show, your touchscreen can adjust mirrors, steering wheel position, rear camera, and more. But perhaps the coolest (no pun intended) feature is the HVAC system. Teslarti reports, "The seemingly invisible Model 3 air vent that runs the entire length of the dashboard uses hidden fins... [and using the touchsceen] Model 3’s airflow [has the capability of] being shifted to different sections throughout the interior cabin, and all done electronically through the 15-inch touchscreen display. No manual vents to move. Nothing."


Top: A demo of unusual features available on the Model 3's touchscreen (Youtube: Tesla Show); Bottom: how the innovative HVAC system works (Youtube: bimbels)

Although the door handles sit flush like the Model S and X, they're slightly different in functionality. Check out the technique for using the door handles below. And if you haven't already heard, you don't need a key or key fob to enter your Model 3. Just use your phone. If you forget your phone or its battery dies — just use Model 3's standard-issue key card and wave it in front of the the B-pillar and voila!  You can just leave the key card in your wallet for emergencies or to loan out for valet service.


Top: How to use the door handles properly (Source: Trevor Page, Model 3 Owners Club via Motor Trend); Bottom: A look at the new Tesla Model 3 key card as a back-up for your phone (Twitter: )

What other basics about the Model 3 do you need to know? There's so much. You can check out details from our coverage of the launch event featuring some first-hand journalist accounts. You can also catch up on on what Elon Musk revealed during this week's TSLA earnings call. But to get a quick snapshot — check out these 15 factoids for a handy overview of Tesla's much-anticipated Model 3.


Infographic: Business Insider via Loud Noisy Car; Editor's note: Automatic emergency braking is standard on all Model 3 vehicles and the 0-60mph times for the Model 3 actually range from 5.1 - 5.6 seconds depending on your configuration.