Twisted Sister's Dee Snider gives his Tesla Model S a makeover

We all know that Tesla rocks. But what would happen if a Tesla Model S got a complete "rock and roll" makeover? That question was answered on the History Channel's super-popular show, Counting Cars, earlier this week. In this week's episode*, Snider's Ride,  Dee Snider of Twisted Sister stops by Count's Kustoms to have Danny turn his brand new Tesla Model S into the ultimate rock and roller's ride. Sure we've seen a wide range of celebs from Grammy Award winner Lionel Ritchie to superstar skateboarding icon Tony Hawk modify their Tesla Model S to give it more of their own distinctive style. But how would heavy metal legend Dee Snider transform his Tesla?

Above: Twisted Sister's Dee Snider anxiously awaits his Tesla Model S after Count's Kustoms reworked his car

Using a red, black and gold color palette, the Count's Kustoms team repainted the Tesla Model S to look much more comfortable pulling up to a hard rock concert instead of a pretentious, chi chi restaurant. Yes, it makes a statement. But, then again... so did Twisted Sister. The first time I saw Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it" video on MTV, I knew the lead singer would make a big impression on rock fans everywhere. It looks like he's trying to do the same with his Tesla Model S makeover.

Above: Short clip showcasing some key elements of Dee's Tesla Model S makeover

We were excited when the guys at Count's Kustoms reached out to us (here at EVANNEX) and mentioned that Dee wanted some transformational interior and exterior modifications for his Tesla Model S. Turns out that lots of our accessories were incorporated into Dee's Model S heavy metal remix. His Model S includes our Center Console Insert, Lighted T, and Accent-E Carbon Fiber appliqués. In addition, it's fun to see the Ghost Gold TS115 Wheels, Nose Cone Grille v2, and Trunk Wing Spoiler also added to Dee's Model S.

Above: Dee is thrilled to see his treasured Tesla transformed

Sure, we know celebs like Eva Longoria, Harrison Ford, and supermodel Chrissy Teigan all love to show off their Tesla around the streets of Hollywood, but, no one can challenge the hard-edged look of Dee's Tesla Model S next time he pulls up to a star-studded industry event. One thing is for sure, his sound system will be pumping something sinister that will surely turn heads. And, I doubt it will be a ballad by fellow Tesla owner, Shakira. Rock on Dee Snider... next up, we'd love to see another 80's metal band, TESLA, rework their own Tesla! We know Elon Musk would definitely dig it.

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*Source: History's Counting Cars