Major hotel chain rolls out electric vehicle charging stations

Hotel operators are finding that installing destination chargers is a good way to attract travelers. Charging station manufacturer EOS Linx has made a deal with Choice Hotels International, a lodging franchisor with a portfolio of over 7,100 hotels in 40 countries, to install EOS Charge Stations at selected properties. 

Above: Tesla Model 3 at an EOS Linx charging kiosk (Source: EOS Linx)

The first set of chargers will be installed at Choice Hotels franchised properties in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Nashville during the first quarter of this year. Additional locations across the US are to be added following a successful pilot program.

The EOS comprehensive product suite includes solar power generation and storage, AI-based security and out-of-home advertising. Each EOS Charge Station includes a 75-inch digital advertising display, which can also be used to broadcast public service announcements.

“Choice Hotels properties are often located close to highways, making them ideal locations for EV chargers,” says Blake Snider, President of EOS Linx.

Above: With locations all over, Choice Hotels is an ideal hotel chain for those road tripping with an EV (YouTube: Choice Hotels)

“This will provide drivers with access to EV chargers while traveling, and potentially uncover new customer engagement opportunities for our 6,000-plus domestic franchised hotels,” says Rick Summa, VP of Partner Services at Choice Hotels International.


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: EOS Linx