Marie Claire: Tesla Model X could be the most luxurious electric car ever [Video]

The Tesla Model X has been winning some impressive awards and accolades lately. But is the all-electric SUV really the ultimate unicorn — a futuristic family car for the fashionista? Nedahl Stelio attempted to answer this question when she recently reviewed the Tesla Model X for fashion magazine Marie Claire.

Above: Luxury meets practicality in the Tesla Model X (Instagram: teslamarksthespot)

Stelio writes, "Is this the most luxurious electric car ever? The Tesla Model X is a beautiful car to drive. It’s smooth, silent and let's not forget, fast... [but] is it possible there is a superfast car that also actually works for families, so you don’t feel like you’re in a ‘mum’ car? Yes. This is it."

After spending "one glorious, glorious week" in a Tesla Model X 100D, Stelio describes, "luxurious, buttery leather seats, a giant multimedia touchscreen that controls every feature on the car, automatically opening doors, and [software] updates to the car that automatically download to the system, as though it’s a mobile phone. It’s seriously clever and really what we should all be driving in 2018."

Above: Nedahl Stelio reviews the Tesla Model X; Note: Pricing shown here is for the purchase of a Model X in Australia (Youtube: CarsGuide)

But what's it like to drive one? Stelio explains, "Like you’re driving a cloud. It’s smooth, it’s silent, it’s light. Quite honestly, it’s a pleasure to coast along the road like you’re in some kind of rocketship, rather than a road vehicle, and I found myself making excuses all week to get into it."

What was her overall impression of the Model X? She feels, "The whole experience was futuristic and extremely luxurious... [along with] entertaining features on the multimedia screen that made the car dance to a Christmas tune (among other things) which are a fun addition. Welcome to the car of the future."

Above: Tesla Model X at night (Instagram: teslamarksthespot)

Stelio's only serious quibble was the price of the car. Other than that, she concludes, "You don’t feel like you’re in a family car because it’s so special, but it is a fabulous car for families. Spacious and practical with incredible technology. I found it hard to fault... I gave it 9 out of 10 taking one whole point off for the cost." And how did her kids like it? She says, "My girls gave it a full 10 out of 10."


Source: Australia's Marie Claire / Cars Guide