Tesla Model X 100D wins Forbes ‘Car of the Year’

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Every year, Forbes looks at the entire auto industry in order to determine what the best (and worst) cars are — and they're quite picky. It's noted that those, "with a feverish interest in vehicles will be more picky" and this particular list picks out the standouts (on both ends of the spectrum) that auto buyers should pay attention to when evaluating a new car. Forbes notes that, "For this year's 'best' list, we included some cars we've driven and had a ball in."


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So who wins the Forbes title this year? It turns out the Tesla Model X 100D takes the crown. Forbes provides plenty of praise for the all-electric SUV: "So much about Tesla's X 100D just plain makes sense; not only its lack of emissions, but its semi-autonomous driving mechanism (the term "self-driving" has been put on ice) which, when all the bugs are worked out, should be the way millions of people get to work and back, go to the store and live their lives."

Instagram: teslafamily_uk

How does Tesla's X stack up against EVs from other auto manufacturers? It's reported that, "Unlike some lesser electrics we've tested and frowned or yawned at since the 00's, Tesla makes every internal combustion vehicle on the highway seem a clunky, clumsy relic of the 20th century, when men and women replaced their horses with vehicles that belched, burped, roared and required 'gasoline' to do their thing."


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Could Tesla be growing on those picky editors at Forbes? Earlier this fall, Forbes took the Model X out for a spin in London. Nargess Banks wrote, "Tesla is a disruptor. Like the brand or not – and I hear mixed views amongst colleagues – it has stirred the auto world... the Tesla Model S and X are proof that you can design vehicles that ooze with electric confidence." And, it turns out that Tesla also topped Forbes' list of The World's Most Innovative Companies last year.


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In any event, there were some other runner-up cars on Forbes' best list including: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Mazda 3 Grand Touring, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Mercedes Maybach, and Infiniti Q60 Sport 400 AWD. And, who did Forbes pick for their worst list in 2017? They pointed out two "duds" to be avoided: Mini Cooper Clubman All4, and, Acura MDX Hybrid. However, all the "runner-ups" and "duds" on Forbes' list did have one thing in common — they were all powered by gasoline.


Source: Forbes / Instagram: teslafamily_uk

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