Merry Christmas to the Tesla family around the world!

Seasons greetings... and Merry Christmas to all those in the Tesla community! Hopefully, you've been treated to some great gifts under the Christmas tree this morning. Our Tesla family is gathered together as well enjoying a sunny holiday morning here in South Florida. Whether you received a nerdy Christmas sweater or a dorky dreidel (yeah, I got one) this holiday season, let's face it — what you really wanted was something for your Tesla.

Above: A Tesla holiday shout-out (Instagram: honey_fay)

We know what you were really hoping for — a 2020 Tesla Roadster, now! Or, if you're already a Tesla owner, a software update beamed to you with full self-driving capabilities. Or, even better — a new Supercharger station minutes from your house. But, no dice. Well... there are some merry things you can do to treat your Tesla. For one, you can spoil your Tesla with a soapy car wash. Then, snap some holiday family photos with your Model S, 3, or X afterwards — it is a member of your family after all. Or, perhaps... you can get a few fun accessories for it. 

Above: A special thank you to Elon Musk and the entire staff at Tesla for making the best cars on — and for — the planet (Reddit: taure)

Okay... what's the ultimate Tesla gift? Maybe it's time to head over to your local Tesla store and buy your loved one their own Tesla! Check out this classic Christmas ad from the "Electric Vehicle Association of America" that appeared in 1912. The ad says that the, "cost of an Electric is decidedly moderate when you consider its lasting, satisfactory service. Maintenance expense and cost of power is far lower than that for other types of cars. Before you buy any car – consider the Electric." Indeed, some things never change.

Above: Christmas ad from the "Electric Vehicle Association of America" that ran in the American Journal of Surgery back in 1912 (Source: Plugin Sites)

In any event, we wanted to send a message of peace and blessings to all those across the entire Tesla family worldwide. Thanks for your continuing support, we're looking forward to an exciting 2019! Looking back at our amazing experience with the Model 3 already this year, we're forecasting 2019 as the breakthrough year for Elon Musk and the team. We look forward to keeping you updated on all the exciting progress at Tesla.