MKBHD interviews Elon Musk and tours the Tesla factory [Complete Video Footage]

Finally... we get a much-needed break from the snark, slander, and smears against Elon Musk courtesy of major media outlets everywhere. Forget the New York Times. It actually took a young tech hero (from YouTube!) to get us the real scoop from Tesla's Iron Man. Kyle Field reports (via CleanTechnica), "YouTube tech addict Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, recently sat down with Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Tesla Fremont factory to talk shop." 

Above: Elon Musk talks Tesla with YouTube tech celeb, Marques Brownlee (Source: Marques Brownlee)

Wait. Who is MKBHD? Field explains, "Marques cut his teeth on technology-related interviews and has built a bridge into covering automotive tech over the last few years... [and] the transition makes a ton of sense as automakers increasingly look to consumer devices like tablets, phones, and computers for inspiration for their user interfaces."

Above: Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD (Image: Stevens)

But is Marques really qualified to talk Tesla with Elon? Yes. Field reminds us that, "Marques purchased a Tesla Model S P100D [see below] which he used in his winning entry into Tesla’s Project Loveday contest last year. More recently, Marques took Tesla’s Model 3 Performance build out onto a deserted airstrip for some time peeling around the makeshift track in what became the world’s first glimpse at the Model 3 Performance’s Track Mode." And, Marques already reserved a Tesla Roadster for himself. Nice.

Above: A look at Marques' stunning 'space gray' Tesla Model S P100D — codename: Apollo (Source: Marques Brownlee)

So what did Marques talk about with Elon? Field notes, "Topics for the brief interview were scattered across the Tesla spectrum and it was clear the two had fun talking about something they’re both excited about — Tesla’s tech."

Above: Tesla's Elon Musk (Source: Marques Brownlee)

But it doesn't end there — Marques also got a personal tour of Tesla's factory in Fremont, California. There's even a behind-the-scenes vignette from the shoot. Any spoiler alerts? Fuggedaboutit. Just sit back, watch the videos, and enjoy...

Interview with Elon Musk

Tour of Tesla's factory

Behind-the-scenes from the shoot


Source: CleanTechnica; Videos: Marques BrownleeJonathan Morrison