Model 3: Spy shots and undercover video filmed behind-the-scenes at Tesla event

We were blown away by Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] introduction of their completely revolutionary solar roof product. That said, let's face it — the other big thrill was seeing the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 in all its glory. The Model 3 has been largely under wraps for months. It's been spotted a few times out "in the wild" but, for the most part, it's been kept hidden from the public. That is... until Friday night's Tesla solar roof event.

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Lucky for us, some of the attendees posted photos to Instagram. Even better, one guest at the party actually snuck behind security and shot some video footage of the Model 3 from all angles — including a peek into the interior. The videographer explained, "I caught some quick shots of the Model 3 before security turned me away." Scroll down below to check out the spy shots and revealing video footage taken at the event...


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Youtube: Anthony Ngo

Recent research on the Tesla Model 3 from GTM's Wood Mackenzie forecasts that, "The impact of Model 3 on the larger energy markets will not be in how many Model 3’s Tesla sells but what it has arguably done to spur wider electric-car production." This certainly seems to be the case, as the Paris Motor Show had loads of EV concept cars. Companies like Mercedes even made hyperbolic claims at the show discussing their new all-electric "EG" initiative. It's no wonder Big Auto is finally waking up. The ~400,000 pre-orders for Tesla's Model 3 proves carbuyers want long range, reasonably priced electric vehicles. But, we think a major part of the Model 3's allure, as evidenced by these spy pix, is its stunning good looks.