NY Giants' Isiah Simmons flaunts his Cybertruck wrapped in matte white

NY Giants' Isiah Simmons flaunts his Cybertruck wrapped in matte white

In a short but assorted list of celebrities who bought the Tesla Cybertruck, we have one more new entry. Isaiah Simmons of the NFL New York Giants.

Isaiah Simmons flaunted his new Cybertruck on his Instagram profile. But his Cybertruck is very different from thousands of them out in the wild. He wrapped it in pure white color completely. This color can be called Matte White because it resembles clouds and feels so flat and soft like snow.

Isaiah didn’t write a caption or impression for his white-washed Cybertruck. He just inserted a UFO (🛸) icon in his post. This transmits his feelings about the Cybertruck, as Elon Musk says “It’s alien technology”.

Interestingly, Isaiah chose to paint his Cybertruck wheels in white color as well. This gives his All-American electric pickup truck an even more distinct look.

Isaiah’s white Cybertruck wheels seamlessly integrate with the rest of the truck’s design. These wheel covers are not stock that are just painted in white. He got them specially designed for his Cybertruck from an aftermarket shop named “//ABUSHI” located in New York.

The matte white wrap and the boxy design of Isaiah’s Cybertruck mesh so well together that it looks adorable. An X user pointed out that it looks like a white Lamborghini Countach, I couldn’t agree more.


DJ Steve Aoki also bought a Foundation Series Cybertruck earlier this year. But he did not wrap it in any color and kept it in its original stainless steel skin without any paint.

Foundation Series Cybertrucks cost an additional $20K have a priority delivery and come with some extra perks and accessories as well. $20K extra isn’t a big deal for most celebrities, so they’re getting their trucks delivered first. Reportedly, this custom Matte White Cybertruck wrap cost Isaah a hefty $50K.

Tesla launched 11 different wrap options for the Cybertruck back in March. One of these options is Satin Ceramic White. But Isaiah’s Matte White Cybertruck is on another level.

Isaiah Simmons (born July 26, 1998) is an American football linebacker for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Clemson and was selected by the Arizona Cardinals eighth overall in the 2020 NFL draft. While at Clemson, Simmons was noted for his positional versatility as he played linebacker, defensive end, cornerback and safety.

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Featured image: Isaiah Simmons / Instagram.

Note: This article was published earlier at Tesla Oracle. Author: Iqtidar Ali.