Tesla Update 2024.20

Tesla Update 2024.20

Tesla continues to innovate with a series of exciting updates, and the latest 2024.20 release builds upon the substantial features from the Spring Update. This update, initially rolled out to employees, brings significant advancements to the table. Let’s dive into the highlights of Tesla's newest software enhancements.

Adaptive Headlights
European Tesla models equipped with matrix headlights are set to benefit from improved adaptive headlights. These headlights can now adapt to curves in the road, offering enhanced illumination and safety. This marks the second major enhancement for matrix headlights, following the adaptive high-beam support introduced in update 2024.8. The adaptive high beams allow select LEDs to turn off, enabling high beams to remain on longer without blinding other drivers.

Originally, adaptive high beams were exclusive to the new Model 3 via update 2024.2, but they were later extended to older vehicles with matrix headlights. While it’s uncertain if the curve-adaptive feature will be exclusive to matrix headlights or available to the new Model 3, it’s a step forward in headlight technology.

To check if your Tesla has matrix headlights, look for a large, round projector dome on the outer edge of the headlight. Alternatively, run a stock light show while facing a wall; if the Tesla logo appears in letters, you have matrix headlights.

In North America, adaptive headlight support is not yet available due to legislative and testing issues. However, the US recently approved adaptive headlights, and Tesla is working on it. Canada has permitted adaptive headlights since 2018, so North American deployment is anticipated soon.

Supercharger Leaderboards
Tesla continues to enhance its Arcade functionality, introducing local leaderboards at Supercharger stations for Beach Buggy Racing 2. Each Supercharger site will feature its own leaderboard, allowing drivers to compete while their cars charge. Special races will also be available in this update.

Drivers can play using a controller, the touchscreen, or the vehicle’s steering wheel. Thanks to the Cybertruck’s steer-by-wire system, the wheels won’t move during gameplay, a feature hoped to be included in future refreshes of the S, 3, X, and Y models for its unique applications.

Autopilot Strikes and Suspension
The updated Autopilot Strike system in 2024.20 mirrors the one expected in the upcoming FSD V12.4 update. Drivers will be suspended from Autopilot use after five strikes, but now a strike will be removed for each 7-day period without an infraction.

The FSD 12.4 update also promises improvements in vision-based monitoring and the removal of the steering wheel nag. While these features aren’t included in 2024.20, their future integration is likely.

Hot Weather Improvements
The 2024.20 update introduces hot weather improvements, enhancing AUTO mode HVAC performance for faster cabin cooling while maintaining lower noise levels. This follows several updates aimed at providing a quieter and more comfortable experience, including pre-blowing air periods to cool down or warm up the cabin.



Source: NotaTeslaApp

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