Tesla Boosts End-of-Year Sales with Free Supercharging Offer for Model 3 and Y

Tesla Boosts End-of-Year Sales with Free Supercharging Offer for Model 3 and Y

Tesla, known for its innovative approaches in the electric vehicle (EV) market, is rolling out an enticing offer to ramp up its sales as the year draws to a close. After facing challenges in the last quarter, the company is offering six months of free supercharging for new purchases of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in North America, provided they are delivered by December 31, 2023.



This initiative is part of Tesla's "end of quarter push," a strategy aimed at boosting sales before the year ends. The company has already introduced discounts of up to $3,000 on new vehicle inventory, and the addition of free supercharging presents another attractive incentive for potential buyers. According to Tesla's website, this offer is readily available to customers who purchase and take delivery of either a Model 3 or Model Y by the end of this year.


However, Tesla has noted some conditions for this offer. Notably, the company reserves the right to revoke the supercharging benefit in cases of excessive charging. While this is a common practice for Tesla, especially as a "demand lever" during end of quarter periods, customers are advised to consider the terms carefully due to Tesla’s history of changing benefits.


The offer comes in the wake of a difficult quarter for Tesla, where it fell short of revenue and earnings expectations. By introducing these incentives, Tesla aims to boost its sales and end the year on a positive note. Earlier this quarter, the company reduced lease pricing for the Model 3 and Y and announced an expected reduction in the US federal EV tax credit for the Model 3 by the year's end.


Prospective buyers are faced with a decision: take advantage of the current incentives or wait for the upcoming Model 3 Highland, expected to arrive in North America early next year. This dilemma, however, doesn't affect the Model Y, as it isn't slated for a refresh in the near future.


Tesla's latest strategy highlights its adaptability and commitment to maintaining a strong market presence. As the year-end approaches, these offers may sway many to join the Tesla family, reinforcing Tesla’s position in the EV market. 


Source: Electrek