Tesla Cybertruck: The Game-Changing Powershare Technology

Tesla Cybertruck: The Game-Changing Powershare Technology

As Tesla begins to roll out its long-awaited Cybertruck to customers, with a fleet of production units spotted at the Austin, Texas plant, the electric automaker isn’t just delivering a new vehicle—it’s introducing a revolution in portable power solutions.


image by teslanorth


The Cybertruck comes equipped with a groundbreaking feature called Powershare technology. This innovative system transforms the electric vehicle from just a mode of transportation into a dynamic power source for virtually any situation. Whether it's providing electricity to a home during a blackout, powering tools at a construction site, or even charging other electric vehicles, the Cybertruck is poised to become an indispensable tool in a variety of settings.


Technical Specifications:

The updated specs for the Powershare feature are impressive and include:

  • Max Continuous Real Power: 9.6 kW
  • LRA Motor Start: 110A
  • Nominal Voltage: 120/240V AC
  • Certifications: Compliant with US safety and EMI standards


Tesla has designed the Cybertruck with a suite of outlets to meet diverse power needs:

  • Four 120V Outlets:
    • Two inside the cabin, each supporting up to 20A
    • Two in the cargo bed, also supporting up to 20A each
  • One 240V Outlet:
    • Located in the cargo bed and supporting up to 40A


For even greater versatility, the Powershare Mobile Connector and Outlet Adapters expand the Cybertruck’s capabilities, adding extra 120V or 240V outlets that can support up to 32A. 


Tesla’s commitment to innovation is clear in the Cybertruck's design, providing a practical, powerful solution that goes beyond traditional vehicle use. The Powershare technology empowers Cybertruck owners to tackle real-world challenges where portable power is essential.


This feature holds special significance for professionals in need of reliable power on the go, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone in need of emergency power solutions. Tesla has effectively positioned the Cybertruck as a multi-purpose asset that can support a wide array of activities, from everyday tasks to unexpected power emergencies.


As the first Cybertrucks make their way to consumers, it’s not just the automotive industry that’s watching. The Powershare technology is set to make waves across multiple sectors, offering a glimpse into a future where your vehicle is as much a tool as it is a means of transport.


Tesla's Cybertruck isn’t just turning heads on the road; it's set to become a powerhouse in the world of portable energy.



Source: Tesla North / Teslarati