Tesla Cybertruck's Transformation: Glossy vs Matte Paint Protection Film

Tesla Cybertruck's Transformation: Glossy vs Matte Paint Protection Film

The Tesla Cybertruck, now known for its unique stainless steel exterior, recently became the subject of an intriguing experiment by the detailers at OCDetailing, based in Fremont, California. They explored the effects of both glossy and matte paint protection films (PPF) on the Cybertruck, offering insights into how these finishes can significantly alter the vehicle's appearance.




Unlike traditional vehicles where PPF is used mainly for paint protection, the Cybertruck's application serves a different purpose. With its paint-free stainless steel body, applying PPF to the Cybertruck is more about enhancing its aesthetic appeal. As the presenter from OCDetailing noted, the motivation is to make the Cybertruck stand out, especially as they become more common on the roads.


The glossy film applied to the Cybertruck elevates its shine to new levels, making it highly reflective. The OCDetailing team observed a significant increase in reflectivity, which could potentially be a visibility concern for other drivers. The glossy finish transforms the Cybertruck into a mirror-like surface, capturing and reflecting its surroundings vividly.


In contrast, the matte film provides a non-reflective, subdued look. The Cybertruck takes on a more understated appearance with this finish, resembling matte stainless steel. This effect gives the vehicle a unique and subtle elegance that stands out from the usual automotive finishes.


OCDetailing expresses a personal preference for the matte finish, predicting it would be a popular choice among Cybertruck owners. They suggeste maintaining the original color but with a matte finish and potentially adding some cool accents. The matte finish is a more appealing and distinctive choice for the Cybertruck.


The detailing team invites Cybertruck enthusiasts and prospective owners to view their video demonstration and share their thoughts on which PPF finish they would prefer for their vehicle. Check out the video at below and join the conversation about the future look of Tesla's innovative electric truck.




Source: Tesla North