Tesla Cybertruck's New Twist: Two 'Colors' and a Clear Option

Tesla Cybertruck's New Twist: Two 'Colors' and a Clear Option

Tesla's Cybertruck, the much-anticipated electric pickup, has finally started rolling out to customers. Along with its launch, Tesla has unveiled a surprising addition: three different wraps for the Cybertruck's distinct unpainted stainless steel body, diverging from Elon Musk's earlier stance on the vehicle's color options.



From "No Color" to Wrap Options Elon Musk had initially quipped that the Cybertruck could be any color "so long as it's nothing," implying no official color options from Tesla. He had also suggested that Tesla wouldn't offer wraps, at least initially, pointing customers towards third-party installers. However, Tesla's recent foray into wrapping its Model 3 and Model Y models hinted at a change in strategy. Now, with the Cybertruck's release, Tesla has introduced wraps for it too, a clear shift from their initial narrative.


Pricier but Durable Wraps Tesla has listed satin black and white wraps for the Cybertruck on its accessory site, priced at $6,500, and a slightly less expensive clear satin wrap for $5,000. These wraps are made of self-healing PPF (Paint Protection Film), which is thicker and has a longer lifespan than traditional vinyl films. This choice is somewhat unconventional, given that the Cybertruck's stainless steel body doesn't require paint protection, but Tesla asserts that PPF is more environmentally friendly.


Technical Details and Installation Tesla labels the black and white options as "color paint film," a term that might raise eyebrows since they are monochrome. The clear wrap is termed "satin clear paint film," which adds a satin finish to the Cybertruck's already matte body. Specific details about these wraps are sparse, as Tesla hasn't updated its wrap FAQ with Cybertruck-specific information. However, the wraps' installation seems to be simpler and less expensive compared to Tesla's other models, likely due to the Cybertruck's lack of curved surfaces.


Service Center Limitations Currently, these wraps are only available for installation at two Tesla service centers in Southern California – Carlsbad and West Covina. Job postings for automotive film installers on Tesla's site indicate that this service might expand to other areas, including Santa Clara, CA, and Austin, Texas.


How to Get Them Customers can order these wraps via Tesla’s website or the Tesla app. This offer, for now, is a boon for the fortunate few who have received their Cybertrucks.



Source: Electrek