Tesla Unveils $2,975 'Basecamp' Tent Attachment for the Cybertruck

Tesla Unveils $2,975 'Basecamp' Tent Attachment for the Cybertruck

Tesla's Cybertruck, a vehicle that has captured the imagination of the automotive world, is finally in the hands of customers. Alongside its release, Tesla has announced an intriguing accessory that complements the Cybertruck's unique aesthetic: a $2,975 tent attachment named 'Basecamp.'


The existence of the Cybertruck 'Basecamp' was initially hinted at through a leak in a Tesla app update, which revealed early renderings of the accessory. Now, Tesla has officially introduced the Basecamp on its website, complete with detailed photos and descriptions.


This concept isn't entirely new. Back in 2019, when the Cybertruck was first announced, Tesla also teased a camper configuration for the vehicle. Since then, several third-party companies have unveiled their own camper solutions for the Cybertruck, such as the expandable camper from Cyberlandr and a $24,000 option from Space Campers. However, Tesla's Basecamp, priced more affordably than these alternatives, represents the official Tesla solution.


The Basecamp is not just a functional addition; it's stylistically in sync with the Cybertruck's design. It's a detail that may appeal to fans of the vehicle's unconventional look. In Tesla's released photos, the Basecamp appears quite different from the initial rendering, offering a fresh perspective on the design. An intriguing feature of the Basecamp is its storage capability in the truck bed, designed to allow space for additional gear while offering a neat, integrated look.


However, the ease of setting up this tent attachment remains a question. While Tesla has released a promotional video featuring the Basecamp in a camping scenario, it stops short of providing a detailed walkthrough of the setup process. Potential buyers are left to wonder about the practicality and functionality of the Basecamp in real-world use.


Tesla notes that the Basecamp inflates using a manual pump, eschewing traditional structural poles. Features such as screen windows for airflow and sky viewing, a weather-resistant shell for added protection, and accessibility to the truck bed’s outlets from inside the Basecamp, are all designed for an enhanced camping experience. Tesla even mentions a 'tent mode,' although specifics about its functionality are still unclear.


Priced at $2,975, the Basecamp is available through Tesla's website or app, presenting an intriguing option for the adventurous Cybertruck owners. While it's more expensive than other Tesla tent attachments like the $449 Tesloid Model Y option, the Basecamp promises a unique camping experience tailored to the Cybertruck's distinctive style and functionality.


As the first few customers receive their Cybertrucks, the real test for the Basecamp will be in its practical use, a story yet to be fully told by those who venture out to explore the great outdoors with their Cybertruck and its newest camping companion.


Source: Electreck  

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