Tesla Energy: Powerpack and Powerwall growth intensifies worldwide [Video]

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Matt Pressman

Tesla's stationary storage business is growing quickly. As reported in Teslarati, Tesla Energy just announced: "the world's largest lithium-ion battery storage project... [Tesla] has been selected by Southern California Edison to provide a 20-Megawatt Powerpack system to the Mira Loma substation." How big is the project? When complete, it will "be capable of powering more than 2,500 households for a day and charge 1,000 Teslas... [and] maintain the reliable operation of Southern California Edison’s electrical infrastructure which feeds more than 15 million residents."

Above: Tesla Energy's commercial and grid-scale stationary storage product, the Tesla Powerpack (Source: Tesla)

And that's not all. There's been a steady increase in announcements from Tesla related to new Powerpack projects in California. Electrek recently reported a 1.5 MWh Powerpack system in the Brea Mall. This comes on the heels of other announcements including a 12 MWh contract with Cal State University, another one for several office buildings in Irvine, and more recently in Morgan Stanley’s San Francisco skyscraper.

Above: Tesla Energy's Irvine project with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (Image: Electrek via TMC)

Meanwhile, Tesla Energy's home battery product, the Powerwall, is also proliferating worldwide. InsideEVs reports, "An early Tesla Powerwall installation in the UK is featured in the most recent episode of Fully Charged... In the average case explored, the electricity usage for the whole year is expected to be 75-80% from the solar/Powerwall system combo." Host Robert Llewellyn calls it, "A small start to what could be a game changing technological shift."


Above: Fully Charged makes a visit to one of the first Tesla Powerwall installations in the UK (Source: fullychargedshow)

And Powerwall installations continue in Australia as Electrek reported on six Powerwalls installed in a single home making it, "one of the biggest home energy storage [installs] in the country." It's reported that, "the installation will save $13,000 per year on energy bills — virtually the house’s entire energy costs."

Above: Clayton Lyndon in Queensland, Australia and the six Tesla Powerwalls in his home (Source: Electrek)

On the last Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] quarterly earnings conference call, CEO Elon Musk explained that Powerwall and Powerpack's production ramp at Tesla's Gigafactory would be heavily concentrated in the fourth quarter. Looking at other competitors in the stationary storage industry, Musk noted, Tesla Energy will be: "head and shoulders above anything else I’ve even heard announced as future plans from other companies." In 2017, he forecasts growth is, "really gonna go ballistic." And, it appears from recent news that Tesla's growth in stationary storage is already surging.

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