Road Trip: 4 days, 4 girls, and zero emissions in a Tesla

Tomorrow, something exciting will be attempted in a Tesla Model S across Europe. A group of electric vehicle enthusiasts, Marie Guerre, Sascha Bloemhoff, Sandra Heinisch and Paule Kiénert, will be part of something special: 4 girls, 4 days, zero emissions*. They're planning to attempt "the first ever girls-only world record in an electric car... crossing Europe from Nordkapp (Norway) to Tarifa (Spain) in less than 4 days. 100% electric." 

Above: These girls are excited to break an electric vehicle world record in a Tesla (Image: The Car'tell - Drive Your Heroes)

How will this world record go down? "Starting at precisely midnight on 9th June in Nordkapp, Norway, the girls will drive non-stop down to Tarifa in Spain where they expect to arrive before midnight on 12th June, [at the] latest 96 hours or 4 days before they left off. The total distance covered will be 6200 kilometers crossing 7 countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Spain), the longest distance ever performed in under 96 hours in an electric car."

Above: The Tesla Model S that will make the trip (Source: 4 girls. 4 days. 0 emissions*)

So what's the plan for this road trip? "In total they will stop 26 times to recharge the batteries of their Tesla for a total charging time of 19 hours. They will save 1 ton of CO2 compared to the same trip in a regular petrol-powered car. This is equivalent to the CO2 absorption power of 50 trees over 1 year... The aim of this [world] record attempt is to open the minds [of others] and prove that an electric car can replace your petrol or diesel day-to-day car even on massive road-trips."


Above: A pre-trip teaser (Youtube: The Car'tell - Drive Your Heroes)

And why are these four young ladies embarking on this electric vehicle adventure? It turns out they want to demonstrate to "the world [that you should] not to be afraid to 'run out of juice'. It is possible to cross Europe, with a minimum carbon foot-print, as a normal person... [and Tesla owners benefit] from an extended supercharger network." We'll be rooting for these girls to break yet another world record in a Tesla. Check out their pre-trip buzz on Facebook and be sure to follow them. 



*Source: 4 girls. 4 days. 0 emissions / Facebook