Tesla is the most 'googled' car brand in the US [Infographic]

Online searches can say a lot about which car brands are attracting the most interest online. According to Car Buzz, "Car sales and research website Select Car Leasing has just published the results of... a year’s worth of Google search data to find out which car brands were the most queried." And apparently, "Elon Musk's tweets are winning the SEO war."

Above: In North America, Tesla is the #1 most searched automaker on Google in both the US and Canada over the past year (Source: Select Car Leasing)

Google's search results demonstrate that, "Nowhere are the winds of change more evident than North America, where Tesla claims a huge chunk of searches, accounting for more than 2 million in the US and Canada alone. Even considering Tesla’s headline-grabbing chief Elon Musk, few could have predicted the traditional gas-guzzling and muscle car heartland of the world [would be] turning its attention to [Tesla] in such large numbers."

That's right, Tesla received the most google searches in both the U.S. and Canada in the past year. In Europe, however, the old-guard German automakers still top the rankings. Nevertheless, Tesla did receive the most of google searches (over any other automaker) in two European countries: both Austria and Norway

Above: Tesla is also the #1 most searched auto brand on Google in China (Source: Select Car Leasing)

Even though the US and EU are key markets, the most hotly contested auto market is China. And, Tesla received the most google searches in the biggest automotive market in the world right now. But China isn't the only market in Asia that's infatuated with Tesla. Other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau spent the majority of their online searches looking into Tesla over any other automaker.

And in other regions Tesla was also the top-searched auto brand in a few forward-looking countries. In Oceana, New Zealand searched Tesla more than any other car brand. And in the oil-rich mideast, citizens of the United Arab Emirates were also searching Tesla more than any other automaker on Google — not surprising as Tesla introduced new stores, service centers, and superchargers in the region.

Above: On Reddit, the Tesla subreddit has more fans subscribed than any other automaker fan subreddit (Reddit: suburella)

And it's not just google searches where Tesla shines, the electric carmaker is a popular brand on social media as well. On Twitter, Tesla's Elon Musk has actually accumulated more followers than Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler combined — and his followers keep growing. That said, Musk backed away from Facebook (and Instagram) which could have something to do with his Mark Zuckerberg tiff. In any event, according to Reddit user suburella, Tesla has the most subscribers of any fan-related auto brand subreddit. 


Source: Car Buzz / Select Car Leasing