Tesla makes an automotive rocket ship [Tesla Eye Candy 65]

We all know that the SpaceX CEO drives a Tesla. Of course — it's Elon Musk who's also CEO of Tesla. But did you know the CEO of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center also drives a Tesla? On a recent vacation, our family had spied a Tesla Model S parked in the CEO's reserved space with the legendary Space Shuttle right in the background. Check out this photo as evidence of the CEO's great taste in land vehicles. Typically we don't include our own photos in our Tesla Eye Candy series, but, this one deserved to make the cut. That said, we've got more gorgeous Tesla photos in our curated gallery. So scroll down to check them out. Also, be sure to take a look at our featured video showcasing Tesla owners enjoying European road trips in their Model S.

Above: Notice the "Reserved CEO" sign behind the Tesla Model S (Source: Joan Woods)


For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we're featuring a video of some proud Tesla owners traveling across Europe. You'll notice a number of hotels featured using Tesla's "Destination Chargers" — which offer guests of the hotel property quick charging for free. Of course, the Tesla Supercharger network is fast-becoming ubiquitous across Europe as well. Check out these Tesla owners as they talk about their European travels...


Youtube: Tesla

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