Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Porsche GT3 RS: A Race for the Future

Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Porsche GT3 RS: A Race for the Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive performance, Donut Media recently embarked on a thrilling quest to determine if electric vehicles (EVs) are ready to outpace their petrol-powered counterparts on the racetrack. The battleground: a Tesla Model 3 Performance versus the acclaimed Porsche GT3 RS. The showdown aimed to scrutinize whether the rising star of electric mobility could outshine the seasoned veteran of traditional high-performance driving.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance:

The Tesla Model 3 Performance has gained notoriety as one of the most popular electric vehicles in the United States, capturing the attention of driving enthusiasts. However, as the video reveals, this EV heavyweight tips the scales at around 4,000 pounds, posing a challenge on the racetrack. To compensate for its weight, the Model 3 demands more power and larger brakes, which also heat up rapidly during intense driving sessions.

Despite these challenges, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is not one to back down. For just $50,000 and equipped with a dedicated track mode, it attempts to bridge the gap between electric efficiency and track prowess. Donut Media highlights key upgrades that make the Model 3 a formidable contender for challenging courses like Pikes Peak, including aerodynamic components and an advanced cooling system for the battery pack. These enhancements aim to overcome the hurdles posed by the car's weight and limited range.

The Porsche GT3 RS:

On the opposing side of the track stands the $250,000 Porsche GT3 RS—a lightweight, agile, and powerful marvel meticulously crafted for the racetrack. The GT3 RS embodies the traditional approach to high-performance driving, relying on a combustion engine that epitomizes the visceral thrill of internal combustion.

The Clash:

The head-to-head battle between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the Porsche GT3 RS is an intriguing clash of ideologies in the automotive world. The video tantalizingly keeps the outcome under wraps, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the verdict at the end of the video.


As the automotive landscape continues to shift towards electric mobility, enthusiasts and skeptics alike are left pondering the capabilities of EVs on the racetrack. Donut Media's riveting comparison between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the Porsche GT3 RS serves as a compelling exploration of this transition. The race itself is a testament to the evolving dynamics in the pursuit of high-performance driving, where electric powerhouses are vying for supremacy against their traditional counterparts. The future of racing, it seems, holds the promise of electrifying twists and turns.

Spoiler Alert!

The Model 3 Performance Pack comes in just shy of the Porsche 911's time.  Considering the lofty price tag on the 911 GT3 RS, we feel like the electric evolution is coming to racetracks very soon, if it isn't here already.