Vermont Welcomes Its First Tesla Store, a Boost for EV Enthusiasts

Vermont Welcomes Its First Tesla Store, a Boost for EV Enthusiasts


New England's electric vehicle (EV) community has reason to celebrate as Vermont prepares to open its first-ever Tesla store in South Burlington. This development is a significant milestone for approximately 3,000 Tesla drivers in the state, who have long awaited local access to Tesla's services and sales.



Previously, Vermont’s Tesla owners faced the inconvenience of traveling to Latham, New York, for vehicle servicing and repairs. Those wishing to purchase or lease a new Tesla had an even longer trek, often journeying to New Jersey to avoid substantial delivery charges. Now, a former Hannaford Supermarket in South Burlington is transforming into a Tesla hub, complete with a prominent Tesla sign adorning its facade. The store's expected opening in the latter half of January marks a new era for Tesla's presence in Vermont.


Vermont's move towards this significant opening was facilitated by a revision in state law in 2021, allowing direct sales of EVs to customers. Additionally, South Burlington's zoning change at the former supermarket site was a crucial step in making this Tesla store a reality. These legislative adjustments reflect a growing trend of accommodating and promoting EV sales directly to consumers.


This store's opening is not just a win for Vermont but also benefits residents of neighboring states like New Hampshire, which currently lacks a Tesla store. The new location in South Burlington will provide much-needed accessibility to Tesla's services and vehicles for a broader range of EV enthusiasts in the region.


The opening of the Tesla store in Vermont is more than just a new retail outlet; it's a significant boost for the state's already thriving EV market. Vermont, despite its small population, ranks in the top five in the U.S. for EV drivers per capita. As reported by Drive Electric Vermont in July, the state has seen a 34% increase in registered plug-in electric vehicles over 2022, totaling 10,022. Chittenden County, home to South Burlington, leads the charge with the highest rate of EV ownership – about 1 EV for every 47 people.


The introduction of a Tesla store in Vermont is expected to further accelerate these numbers. Not only will it draw new buyers by offering greater convenience, but it will also enhance the ownership experience for existing Tesla drivers who no longer need to venture out of state for their EV needs.


The advent of the South Burlington Tesla store is a clear indicator of the growing popularity and acceptance of EVs in Vermont and the wider New England region. It symbolizes a shift towards a more sustainable future and highlights the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them.


Source: Electrek