Tesla Model 3: Spy photo, video, and more revealed from an insider

We've been revealing some fantastic spy photos and video footage of the silver Tesla Model 3 that Elon Musk has kindly allowed out "in the wild" for recent Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] company events. But what about the matte black configuration seen during the Tesla Model 3 launch event? Yes, there have been a few, select sightings in recent months of the matte black Model 3 (with those sleek aero wheels) but it's been kept mostly under wraps. That is... until now. Like buried treasure, I uncovered this mysterious image deep in my Instagram feed. Could this Model 3 trunk design be the final production-version of the actual space/aperture when opened?

Above: Matte black Tesla Model 3 with the trunk opened next to a Supercharger and a Model S on a lift (Instagram: teslamotorsports)

After the Model 3 launch event, Elon Musk tweeted that, "Matte black was surprisingly popular. Probably makes sense to bring it to production." We agree, we like the look. And here's the interview with Roger Pressman, author of Getting Ready for Model 3, featured on Ryan McCaffrey's Ride the Lightning podcast (video below). As it turns out, Roger had some never-seen-before video footage from his experience at the Tesla Model 3 launch event. It's a long story, but, we thought this video disappeared forever and (lo and behold) we just found it again. So we've embedded some of the video clips and photos Roger took of the Model 3 and they're actually appearing here (in this video below) as a first — a world premiere of sorts.


Above: Interview with Roger Pressman, author of Getting Ready for Model 3 (Source: Ride the Lightning podcast)

During the podcast, Ride the Lightning host Ryan McCaffrey talks Tesla and gets some inside info from Roger. And, Roger also gives his personal views on the Model 3 including his experience at the launch event, demonstration drive, and forecast on delivery timeframes, configuration options, autopilot, and more. In addition, Roger gives a preview of his Getting Ready for Model 3 book and unique background on his experience as an early owner of both the Tesla Model S and Model X. 

Above: The matte black configuration from the Model 3 launch event (Source: Author)

In any event, we wanted to thank Ryan McCaffrey at the Ride the Lightning podcast for such a great interview. We've been a big fan of Ryan's podcast and we highly recommend our readers check it out. Ryan has been the only one to reveal uncut audio from certain press calls directly with Elon Musk — his podcast is an indispensable resource for true Tesla fans. That said, be sure to enjoy the audio clips, photos, and video in this post to learn more about the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3.