Tesla Model X might just be the ultimate adventure vehicle

Some have said that the Tesla Model X is a car from the future. But, could the Model X also be the ultimate adventure vehicle? 



Leonard explains, " A fully charged Model X is designed to go 295 miles, but for now there is only about one Tesla station per 80 miles of interstate in the 11 Western states, so careful planning is essential... it’s tough to fully account for the kinds of variables that can drain your battery. For instance, driving over I-70’s Loveland Pass en route to Arapahoe Basin on our first day—a nearly 6,000-foot climb over 65 miles—depleted our battery by a third. Shortly after leaving A-Basin, we pulled off in Silverthorne to plug into a Supercharger."


Above: Model X charging at a Tesla Supercharger (Image: Performance Drive)

What did Leonard do while charging up the Model X? He explains: "We weren’t sitting on the curb watching the seconds tick by; we traversed the via ferrata above town. Usually while our car charged we were climbing, skiing, or hiking. Which is the kind of stuff we were after in the first place."

Like any Tesla owner, he'd like to see more superchargers. "EV road-trippers will have to adopt a little bit of what VW-bus drivers have always exhibited out on the open road: patience... [but] once we set off exploring, the Tesla was plenty sporty: in a moment of adventurous driving on a rocky road, I tapped a touchscreen to raise the clearance to 8.3 inches and cruised along without worrying that we’d bottom out." After all, in addition to being a fun SUV for adventure travel, the Model X also happens to be quite the off-road wonder.