Tesla Model X: Some hidden surprises and cool quirks [Video]

On my road trip to attend the most recent EV Transportation and Technology Summit at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida, I decided to take the company Tesla Model X instead of our Model S. That's when it hit me — this electric SUV has a lot of hidden surprises missing in our Model S. It just took me some time with the Model X to discover them. It turns out that Doug DeMuro, car reviewer for Autotrader*, had the same epiphany when he tried out the Tesla Model X recently. 


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DeMuro filmed an entertaining video and wrote about these quirks and cool features, he explains: "There are a lot of them." So... what are they? Obviously, those falcon wing doors. But, DeMuro said one thing he didn't like "about the doors is the crowd they always seem to draw. This, of course, will depend on your surroundings and your own desire for attention, but where I live — in a crowded city where people are always walking around — the doors drew points, stares, questions and constant camera-phone photographs." I noticed the same thing — picking up my daughter at her pre-school, I was rushed by all the kids (and parents) wanting a personal demo. On a positive note, my daughter thought it was pretty cool.


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I've always thought that the magnificent Model X windshield made me feel like I was some kind of heliocopter pilot. It seems that DeMuro agrees: "The windshield is an enormous piece of glass that stretches well over your head so that it functions as sort of a sunroof-windshield combo, with a panoramic view to the sides and even up above. A lot of people have complained that the windshield lets in too much heat, but these people are wrong. It's awesome. I loved it."


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Having an old-school signature Tesla (delivery was way back in October of 2012), our Model S is pre-Autopilot. So upon our delivery of the Model X, I was impressed with its self-driving capabilities — DeMuro agrees, "I also loved Autopilot. I love driving, so I didn't want to love Autopilot, but I really, truly, deeply enjoyed using it. Two pulls of the cruise control lever, and you're transported into the future." So after testing out the Model X, DeMuro concludes: "in the end, here's what I discovered: The Model X certainly has a little more 'weird' than a normal SUV. But I think it also has a little more character." I couldn't agree more.

To check out his fun video review, see below...



*Source: Autotrader