Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color looks amazing in person, spotted in California

Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color looks amazing in person, spotted in California

Tesla (TSLA) began deliveries of the newly-introduced Quicksilver color for the Model Y in the United States last month.

Most of these Tesla Model Y electric SUVs in Quicksilver color have been spotted in California. Looks like the Californians were the first to pay an extra 2,000 dollars for the premium color option (only available on the Model Y Long Range AWD and Performance variants).

Tesla enthusiasts and owners of the Quicksilver Model Y have been posting photos of their shiny new vehicles across social media. The Quicksilver color is getting the same amount of praise as it received in Europe after its launch in 2022.

The first spotting of the Quicksilver Model Y vehicles was in California when two of these vehicles were seen loaded on a car carrier trailer along with 4 Cybertrucks. It was a truck loaded with ample silver color — a delightful sight for the sore eyes.

Above: Short video of the Tesla Cybertruck and Quicksilver Model Y deliveries in California.

Getting delivered with the Cybertrucks indicates that these Model Ys in Quicksilver color were produced at Giga Texas. Tesla’s paint shop in Giga Texas is upgraded to accommodate the new Quicksilver paint option. Since only Model Ys are produced at this factory, Quicksilver is not yet offered on the new Model 3 Highland.

Tesla started preparations to add new colors to the Model Y a couple of years ago. The automaker obtained a permit for the paint shop expansion at Giga Texas in 2022.

The Model Y paint shop at the Tesla Fremont factory is apparently not upgraded yet to produce the Quicksilver color. All the Quicksilver Model Ys are currently being shipped from Giga Texas.

Tesla Model Y’s Quicksilver color is earning praise from the majority of the Tesla owners and enthusiast community. Some are even willing to buy the new Model Y because of this color alone while they have a Model Y already sitting in their garage.

Quicksilver Model Y just delivered in California

However, depending on a person’s personal taste, some people don’t really like this color. Coleton Guerin, who is from the YouTube Channel Ouf of Spec Motoring, said that the Quicksilver color didn’t fill his expectations when he saw it in person. He shared the following picture in a post on X (Twitter) while sharing his disliking of the paint option.

Comparing the picture in the above tweet with the photo above shows that the Quicksilver color looks better at night or in interior environments where there is good lighting. In the bright daylight, it might not be that attractive to some but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

At the same time, other people think that this color looks amazing in person referencing the following walkaround video shot in broad daylight.

Quicksilver in my opinion is the best color Tesla has introduced for the Model Y yet and should transition to the new Model 3 as well.


Featured image: u/branden3112 via Reddit.

Note: This article was published earlier at Tesla Oracle. Author: Iqtidar Ali.