Tesla's Model Y: A Refresh in the Works?

Tesla's Model Y: A Refresh in the Works?

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, recently made a big announcement. He confirmed that a new and improved version of the Model Y is coming soon. This is a big deal because it's the first time Tesla has publicly said no to rumors about a refresh, even though they've said no to similar rumors before this year.

After the new Model 3 was launched, and after some people said that Tesla was planning to also update the Model Y in late 2024, Tesla told its workers in an email that they weren't planning to launch a new version this year.

This email was only for workers. They were told to tell customers about this plan, in case some customers were waiting to buy the Model Y because of these rumors.

But, last week, people started talking again about a new Model Y coming soon. Some people even said it was going to be sold in July.

Over the weekend, Musk used his social media to say no to these rumors. He answered a post by saying that there will be "no Model Y 'refresh'...coming out this year."



Musk also used this chance to remind people who might want to buy a Tesla that even though there's no planned refresh for 2024, Tesla is always making their cars better throughout the year. This is different from old car makers who usually only make changes when a new model year starts.

People first started talking about the Model Y refresh last year. The project, called 'Project Juniper,' is expected to bring many of the same changes that Tesla made to the Model 3 to the Model Y.

According to these talks, the new Model Y was planned to start being made in October 2024, a year after the new Model 3 started being made. While the new Model 3 was first made in China, we don't know yet if the new Model Y will also be made in China, or somewhere else.

Right now, Tesla makes the Model Y at their four car factories – Fremont, Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and Giga Shanghai. As we wait for more news on the Model Y refresh, it's clear that Tesla keeps making new things and getting better, keeping the electric car market exciting.



Source: Drive Tesla / X.com