Tesla owner goes green on St. Patrick's Day

Remixing the look of a Tesla can be subtle or bold. Many of the most eye-catching Tesla mods are prowling the streets of South Florida after leaving Signature Custom Wraps. And often the most stunning Tesla transformations are found on social media. I recently stumbled across an especially striking Tesla from a Model 3 owner in California's Bay Area with the handle, Unmatched_Tesla_Model3, on Instagram.

Instagram: Unmatched_Tesla_Model3

So in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day today, instead of just drinking a pint of green beer, I wanted to showcase a stunning green Tesla. It turns out that the Model 3's owner, Isaac, actually works for Tesla and told me that the car's unusual vinyl wrap actually changes color depending on the light source.

Isaac explained that the wrap is part of Avery's ColorFlow series, named Fresh Spring Gold/Silver. When Isaac originally looked at the wrap though, he explains, "all I saw was just matte gold. So I was like let's do this. After the car was finished, I couldn't believe the colors... the wrap is color changing depending on how you look at it."

Instagram: Unmatched_Tesla_Model3

Isaac continues, "The first day I posted online people were going crazy about it because it was the first Tesla in this obscure wrap. The color just makes you smile... And since I work for Tesla I wanted people to look at my car and just say WOW, I want one now." 

"Looking around the Bay and seeing all these Teslas made me so happy... [it's] why I wake up and go to work every day," Isaac says. "I couldn't be more excited. I have many more mods planned out to make this already beautiful green Tesla look even more insane. Lets change the world for the better together. The transition to sustainable energy starts with the world as a whole, and I'm glad to be a part of it."

Instagram: Unmatched_Tesla_Model3

Kudos to Isaac from spreading the mission of Tesla as both an avid owner and passionate employee of the company. Going green is something every Tesla owner does when they leave the gas pump behind. Having an electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions can, without a doubt, help the environment. And that's something to be thankful for this St. Patrick's Day.