Tesla owner tinkers with electric conversion projects

Guest Post: An owner of six Teslas over the past few years, Jonny Lee Tempest is an inventor, investor, retired Cirque Du Soleil Audio Engineer, certified Entertainment Electrician (ETCP-CEE) and member of MENSA. He's EPA Green Certified and set up a YouTube channel to demonstrate his experiments.

Above: In Jonny's driveway, all four production vehicles released by Tesla (Youtube: Net Positive LLC)

Net+Positive (netpositive.co) is a non-profit for the advancement of clean energy.  We have designed and built the worlds fastest electric water ski boat, electric bikes and snowplow conversions. 

From top to bottom: Jonny's 53 mile-per-hour electric water ski boat, Zero SR electric motorcycle, and electric snowplow/mower conversion (Source: Net Positive LLC)

We set up a 6,000 square-foot demonstration home to prove that it’s possible to live on 100% solar electricity, including all transportation, recreation and air-conditioning. The success of our experiments and companies like Tesla, coupled with the environmental and political benefits are now changing the world.


Above: A looks at Jonny's favorite project — the world's fastest solar powered electric water ski boat (YouTube: Net Positive LLC)

Abundant, cheap, clean energy, better, safer, faster cars. The unlimited solar lifestyle is such a profound change to the old-world model of scarce fossil fuels, that this new way of life is fundamentally changing our way of thinking. We are demonstrating a better life, in a real world "net positive" condition, free from energy company and fossil fuel dependance.

The future is bright. The future is NOW!


Source: Net Positive LLC